Survivor: Redemption Island Recap, Episode 8

April 6, 2011

We begin our recap of episode 8 of Survivor: Redemption Island on Night 18 as the Zapatera Tribe returns from Tribal Council. They had just blindsided the hapless Sarita. She truly was their weakest link. David knows that Ralph had been the second vote against him, but they make up quickly. At Redemption Island, Sarita joins Matt, who does not seem too concerned about her. She spills the beans about her tribe, giving him more inside information. Matt does wonder if he should join with the Zappers if there is a Merge?

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Day 19 and tree-mail arrives, telling both tribes to pack their belongings. All members are to attend today′s duel at Redemption Island. Everyone suspects that the two tribes will merge. Boston Rob Mariano even guesses correctly that the winner of the duel will rejoin The Game!

At Redemption Island, we learn that Matt has cut his left foot. He is worried, and rightfully so, that today′s duel will be an endurance test. Jeff confirms this. It′s the old Declining Perch challenge. Matt and Sarita brace themselves on a narrow perch, about a half-inch wide on each side of two walls. After 15 minutes, they will descend to the next, narrower perch. After another 15 minutes, they will use the last set of perches, only one-eighth of an inch wide. Jeff Probst also confirms that the winner of today′s duel will indeed rejoin The Game.

Both Matt and Sarita do well during the first 15 minutes. After they descend to the next level, Jeff asks Phillip what he thinks? Phillip launches into a 15 minute speech about Code Bushido which we only get fragments of. That′s too bad, because the others are smirking from the humor of it all. Matt and Sarita reset now on the last, tiniest set of perches. Matt struggles at first but Sarita is the one who finally succumbs and loses. Jeff hands Matt his new buff and announces that everyone needs to change to the Merge buff. They will set up a camp on a fresh beach and Jeff adds that a whole new round of Redemption Island will begin, too!

The gang arrives at the new beach and find a feast of food. They chow down and celebrate. Matt asks about the new tribe′s name. Boston Rob suggests they call themselves Murlonio, which he says is Spanish for “from the Sea.” HAH!!! Rob is too much! He confesses to Uncle Cameraman that it′s a name his wife Amber invented for her toy stuffed animals. These guys are such suckers.

Mike starts pitching to Matt about flipping with the Zappers to boot out the Omies. He suggests that both Matt and Andrea should come over and join them. The group is still divided along tribal lines, as night falls as well as a hard rain. The Omies are nice and dry on their side of the new shelter since they have a tarp. The next day, Matt discusses with Andrea about flipping and eliminating the Ometepe Tribe. But Andrea thinks going after the Omies is not a good idea.

Day 21, the Murlonio Bible Study class begins with Matt holding the pulpit over Andrea and Mike. Rob and Natalie watch in amusement. Rob decides that one of them needs to go, and considers Mike as Target #1. But first we have the Immunity Challenge. Individual Immunity is up for grabs. Each contestant will stand on a small log and must balance a wooden disc while holding one to three balls on it. Every few minutes, Jeff will have them add another ball until they have all three. Then it will be an unlimited endurance test.

Phillip has trouble with just one ball, but recovers. Julie is out first. A second ball is added which sends Ashley, then David out. The third ball is added and now the fun begins. Andrea is the next to go, followed by Grant, Matt, Rob, Phillip, Ralph and Steve. It is between Mike and Natalie. Mike had been solid all along, but a fly lands on one of his balls. For some strange reason, he suddenly steps back off the log, giving Natalie the win!

Back at camp, Mike tells his fellow Zappers that his feet went numb. He figures that Ralph and he will be the targets, so they plot to boot Grant. Matt chats with Rob, telling him all about Mike′s offer for Andrea and he to flip. One would think that this would convince Rob to target Mike, but, NO! Rob decides that Matt is too wishy-washy. Andrea joins them and is also unhappy that Matt spilled the beans to Rob. Rob lets on that Steve will be tonight′s target.

Boston Rob then gets hopping and tells Natalie and the rest of his loyal Omies to boot Matt tonight. While working on the shelter, Mike slips Matt a note promising to take him to the Final 3 if he and Andrea will flip. So Matt discusses it with Andrea and they decide to stick with Ometepe. Then Rob tells Andrea that Matt is the real target. She is confused.

A Tribal Council, it becomes clear that the Merged tribe is still divided. DUH! David and Mike make an issue about the tarp and the shelter. David admits that the Omies only have the tarp because they threw the challenge to boot Russell. Phillip launches into one of his nutty monologues about how the deceitful stink or something. Who really knows what he′s saying? Matt, the man in the middle, says that life was simpler and quieter on Redemption Island. Zapatera make one last bid to get him to flip.

It′s time to vote. We see none of the ballots. After Jeff gets the ballot box, he asks if anyone wants to play a hidden immunity idol? Ralph steps up and offers his to Mike. Rob and the rest of Omepete smiles. Jeff starts counting. The vote is 5-0 against Grant! Then one vote for Steve. The next six all have Matt′s name on them! Bingo! Matt is sent back to the serenity of Redemption Island. I hope he brought Krista′s Bible with him!

Spoilers for next week’s episode of Survivor: Redemption Island show Boston Rob Mariano seemingly shoring up full control of the situation. But Grant considers making a move. He’s not alone. Phillip finds some bird feather that he wears on his head and thinks it has magical powers to give him strength and wisdom. Fat chance, Phillip! You’re already bird-brain even before finding the feather!

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3 Responses to “Survivor: Redemption Island Recap, Episode 8”

  1. 1
    Jon Says:

    Lol, loved this episode.. especially when Rob made up the name for the new tribe. The others are so dumb not to know that is a fake name. I agree with Rob that he needs to get rid of Matt – he would easily get the jury votes if he made it all the way.

  2. 2
    Rachelle Says:

    This season just gets better and better! Love me some Survivior.

  3. 3
    Sandy Says:

    Definitely, who will survive?