Interview With Justified’s Joelle Carter

April 4, 2011

Joelle Carter plays the take no prisoners woman Ava Crowder on the FX hit show Justified. She is an amazing actress as well as a wonderful woman. I know this because I got the chance to interview her and I am going to tell you all about it!

Joelle Carter

Justified airs Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. on FX and it has quickly become a must see show. One of the reasons for its success is because of the lovely Joelle Carter and thanks to the recent opportunity of participating in a Q&A interview with her I got some insight to not only the actress but her character Ava Crowder as well.

I learned a lot about Ms. Carter. For example she is an Army brat however her family pretty much lived in Georgia throughout their travels. So sometimes the blonde beauty’s southern accent will come back. However it only presents a little bit of a challenge for her when it comes to her acting skills.

There was of course a lot of talk surrounding the character of Ava, Joelle’s thoughts on her etc. but before I get to that I want to share with you a couple of questions I asked her. They were ones that didn’t necessarily center on the role she plays but the actress herself.

Rachelle: What was it about the character of Ava that made you want to play her when you first read the script?

Joelle: I think it was the contradiction of her being this victim and yet being so bold and strong to seduce a man right after she shot her husband who had put her in a very trying and confined relationship for so long. I felt like they’re giving me the freedom by the way this is written to be this soft, vulnerable character, but to have a lot of strength to decide to live and go out and also try to figure out who she really is. She has to be able to discover that, it’s really loaded.

Rachelle: How did you get involved in acting?

Joelle: I was living in New York City and I dabbled in some commercial work through my modeling. I really loved it and I just started studying in Manhattan. I honestly just fell in love with it.

That gives you some idea about the woman behind Ava but what are her thoughts on the kick butt chick who won’t take crap from anyone, especially a man. One thing that of course many of us wanted to know about was what Ava thinks of Boyd. Joelle explained that her character loves the idea that everyone can change and in the beginning she wanted to take a chance with Boyd. Now as its progressing they’re kind of falling for each other. She went on to share how she thinks her alter ego finds the bad boy Boyd interesting and exciting so anything can happen. Personally I think the two are so into each other but that is just my perspective.

Oh and for those of you thinking Ava can keep Boyd out of trouble, that is highly unlikely according to the actress. All the talk of the relationship between these two particular characters got many of us wondering what it was like to work with the super talent Walton Goggins. I am sure you can pretty much guess the answer to that but I will tell you anyway. Joelle revealed it is a wonderful experience. Along with that he is a dynamic actor that you never have to worry that there won’t be something on the other side of the table coming at you, which is fabulous for any actor.

Carter shared with us her thoughts on how she thinks her character is going to grow during the season. She has already gone from a slightly frantic woman to a strong woman who seems to have it together, those were my thoughts on changes in Ava we have seen already. As for how she will grow well, Joelle thinks the character is really still trying to discover, accept and trust the shrink that’s inside of her. It’s like a second instinct.

If you have seen the show you know that Ava Crowder is a survivor and she has outstanding survival instincts and we got Carter’s input on that including that she has always had to do some background work on her character because so much has not been revealed yet. Joelle further went on to talk about how Ava’s husband was the only man she loved but things there were not so great so her survival skills do come from the experience of having an abusive husband. Because of that situation she sort of had to figure out a new dream for herself and when anyone has to do that you gain courage and strength.

It was nothing short of an honor to get the chance to chat with Joelle Carter. She was so open and willing to share all kinds of info, which was awesome. If you have not checked out the totally sweet show Justified and Carter in a role that she plays with ease, or at least gives off that impression, then you need to check it out. Not only does Carter rock but so does the rest of the cast, so give it a chance.

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Photos: Nelson/FayesVision/John Saint-Hilarie

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2 Responses to “Interview With Justified’s Joelle Carter”

  1. 1
    Jeanette Says:

    Great interview, Rachelle! I think I need to add Justified to my DVR list…

  2. 2
    Sandy Says:

    Awesome interview!