Charlie Sheen Tour Tanks In Detroit: Fans Heckle, Boo and Leave Early

April 2, 2011

Winning? Sorry, Charlie. Not tonight. The Charlie Sheen Violent Torpedo of Truth Tour was not a winner, as many who were in attendance at his Detroit show this evening dubbed it ‘the worst show ever’, ‘horrible’, and ‘crap’. And that’s just putting it mildly. What went down tonight in Motor City? Get the deets here!

Charlie Sheen Tour

Earlier today he tweeted a pic of the marquee at Fox Theater, which included the caption:

Need I say more..?!?

For the folks who have tickets to Sheen’s Chicago show tomorrow night, yikes. I can only imagine what’s going through their minds after hearing about the fiasco on Day 1 of the Tour.

The show reportedly started at 8:00 PM, with a local comedian, Kirk Fox, hitting the stage as the opening act. He apparently was so not a hit, and fans started to chant ‘Charlie! Charlie!’. The poor guy was booed off the stage. That was probably the longest half hour of his life. 20 minutes later the show starts up again and Sheen’s goddesses are seen having a full make-out session on stage and out comes Charlie.

So what happened next? Here’s a snippet of some of the gibberish that is Charlie Sheen:

“They took my awesome children… They took my sometimes bitchin’ job… And when they thought there was nothing left, they tried to take my titanium heart and brain and spine. But they could not.”

Sheen himself was a bit perplexed and asked the audience, “Is anybody else as confused by this sh*t as I am?”

It apparently went downhill from there. You can read a blow by blow account of his show here. Total FAIL!

Very unhappy fans, for sure, but unfortunately for those who came to see the winner turned loser, they won’t be getting a refund for their tickets. Live Nation, who promotes the tour, issued a ‘no refund’ policy.

So let’s get the discussion rolling….are you surprised by what happened tonight? Leave me your thoughts below!

Charlie Sheen Tour Charlie Sheen Tour

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7 Responses to “Charlie Sheen Tour Tanks In Detroit: Fans Heckle, Boo and Leave Early”

  1. 1
    Nadine Says:

    I think anyone who follows Charlie Sheen and his drugged up life and bought tickets get what they deserve. He is only donating 1.00 per ticket wow..

  2. 2
    OST Says:

    I mean what did people really expect? He is a TV and film actor, not a stand up comedian.

  3. 3
    sarah Says:

    I guess he’s eating his words now! I hope they keep going with Two and a Half Men and it rocks!!

  4. 4
    Lakisha Says:

    Im not surprised.. but people did pay to see that?

  5. 5
    Danity Says:

    Why pay to see a train wreck in person when we get to watch it day by day for free?

  6. 6
    Rachelle Says:

    He is a disaster what did people expect and it is your own fault for wasting your money to see a guy who has major issues

  7. 7
    Sandy Says: