The Age of Love: Kittens, Cougars and Mark Philippoussis

June 18, 2007

The Age of Love in a new reality TV show that premiers tonight on NBC. The Age of Love stars former tennis player Mark Philippoussis, once engaged to Alexis Barbara, who had a wicked tennis serve by the way. Photos below.

Now he will practice his wicked serves on eligible young women who all want a piece of him. Sounds familiar? I think we have seen this show before.

Here are images of all the babes on The Age of Love.

Age of Love Reality TV Show (Video)

Philippoussis has a lucky 13 women to choose from, six in their 20s (“kittens”) and seven in their 40s (“cougars”). Get it? He needs to pick a young chick or an old broad, and never the twane shall meet. The story line is that Mark Philippoussis begins to realize that age really does not matter in a quality woman. That sounds fine, especially when they are all hot like these girls.

One of the girls is not Alexis Barbara! Philippoussis was engaged to Alexis Barbara for a time, and is also rumored to have seen Paris Hilton. This boy has clearly been around the block.

You can find biographies and photos of all of the eligible bachelorettes by continuing below.

Adelaide, who is an editor for Esquire magazine and is 26 years old.

Amanda, who is a financial planning assistant in Tennessee who is 25 years old. Nice picture!

Lauren who is a 27 year old lighting consultant in California. I hope they ask her what a lighting consultant actually does during the day.

Sexy Megan who is a 21 year old student at Loyola University in Chicago.

Hot Tessa who is a 23 year old Executive Assistant in Arizona. Super photo!

Mary who is a Hemodialysis Technician in California. I can guess about a lighting consultant, but a Hemodialysis Technician has got me flustered. Hopefully Mark can handle her.

Jodie who is a 46 year old hot blonde, and a Vice President in a real estate company in Santa Monica. Now we are talking!

Kelli who is a legal secretary in Los Angeles, age 40 years.

Jennifer who is listed as the owner’s assistant for the Los Angeles Lakers but there is a whole lot more to her basketball story. This is the same Jeanie Buss who is the daughter of Laker’s owner Jerry Buss. Jeanie Buss is perhaps most famous for posing for Playboy pictures and gathering a lot of gawkers in her prime.

Maria, a very photogenic photographer who is 42 years of age.

Jayanna, who has the coolest name of the cougars. She is a 40 year old mortgage loan officer in California.

Angela who is another 40 year old native of California. Her biography says that she is “freelance” which I think means that she likes to party like Paris Hilton. She takes nice photos!

Lynn who is a 40 year old fashionable makeup artist living in Tennessee.

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    Alma Says:

    If you would like a shirt that says “HOT COUGAR LOVE” or “DO NOT FEED THE COUGARS” VISIT

  2. 2
    matt h Says:

    I think you are off on Jennifer being Jeanie Buss, Jennifer was born on April 14, 1959, Jeanie Buss was born on September 26 1961.