Chris Brown DWTS Performance – Hide The Chairs!

March 29, 2011

Set to air tonight, Chris Brown’s DWTS performance video will no doubt be a viral item—not because he is such a stellar artist, but because he has proven to be a loose cannon.

Chris Brown

If I worked as a production assistant for Dancing With The Stars, I just might give Brown the dressing room with no windows, or even swap out any chairs with bean bags. Heck, based on his behavior, maybe they should outfit his dressing room with one of those big, plastic Fischer Price tables for kids.

Either way, the sometimes volatile singer is booked to perform a few songs from his new album on the dance competition show. Clearly, his breakdown on GMA was not enough to earn a cancellation.

Unbelievably, this guy continues to make the rounds as part of the relentless promotion of his new record, F.A.M.E. No one seems to have the gull to blacklist him, which once again reinforces the notion that he can prance around acting the fool with very few consequences.

The best part about the upcoming appearance on DWTS is that host Tom Bergeron admits it may be hard for him to avoid the recent controversy. I knew I liked that guy.

He apparently told producers that they may do well to prevent an interview between the two, because, as he put it “my natural tendency would be to say something.”

Nothing would tickle me more than to see ‘ole Bergeron roast Brown for his low-brow antics with that brand of sarcasm made famous on AFV. It would be priceless if CBS would add in a laugh track—now that would be good television.

Sadly, the network will likely play it safe, allowing Brown to perform his three lame songs, and move on with the night. After all, the show is about mediocre dancing, not mediocre manners.

Do you think the Chris Brown DWTS performance video will be a big item tonight? As soon as it is available, I will post it below.

Photos: Wilkins

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5 Responses to “Chris Brown DWTS Performance – Hide The Chairs!”

  1. 1
    Old School Woman Says:

    Bergeron is an IDIOT! If he really felt that way he would have said he would not even show up if Chris was on the show. This is all about RATINGS and MONEY! Now everyone should watch the show to see what (OR NOT WHAT) he will do! DWTS has taken a real downturn because it is no better than any other so-called reality show. SCRIPTED AND FIXED!!!

  2. 2
    Danity Says:

    It was HOT! I love his music and his fierce dance moves!

  3. 3
    Sandy Says:

    I used to LOVE Chris Brown, but his anger is a problem, it’s too bad, he is pretty gifted.

  4. 4
    Stacy Says:

    I can’t believe thay had him on. I am so tired of that guy!

  5. 5
    Jeanette Says:

    While I am no longer a fan, he did bring it (minus the lip synching).