Kristy Swanson and Marcia O’Brien Catfight (Photos)

June 18, 2007

Here are hot photos and videos of actress and model Kristy Swanson, whose bad blood with Marcia O’Brien goes back a long way. Kristy was arrested for assaulting Marcia O’Brien (formerly Marcia Eisler) on Saturday night. We will get to her in a moment.

Kristy returned the favor by filing charges against Marcia, but the police thankfully chose not to arrest her. Instead it is Kristy Swanson who ends up in jail as well she should.

Remember that she stole Marcia’s husband Lloyd Eisler while they were partnering on Skating With the Celebrities. There is sure a lot of hanky-panky going on in reality television. Those celebrity stars just cannot keep their hands off each other.

And in this case, not only did Kristy Swanson steal a husband, she is now accused of assaulting the ex-wife. Talk about adding insult to injury! A homewrecker becomes a wife-wrecker.

Here is a video of Kristy Swanson getting mostly naked in a car with another Hollywood loser actor, Charlie Sheen.

And here she is having sex in an elevator in this video. Do you think that an artistic dancer like Lloyd Eisler could ever satisfy her womanly needs?

I do not think so. Lloyd is in for a pack of trouble.

Neeless to say, as a hot model Kristy Swanson appeared naked in the November 2002 issue of Playboy magazine. Her nude photos are easy to find on the internet and seem to complete the picture.

More pictures are after the jump with a hot lesbian kissing video.

She has nice breasts.

The last of our videos is Kristy in a lesbian kissing scene with actress Brandy Ledford. The underwater photography in this movie is excellent. The bath scene is really hot, but in the back of my mind I keep thinking about poor Marcia O’Brien.

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