Spencer Grammer is Pregnant!

March 10, 2011

First comes love, then comes marriage…then, bring on the babies! Kelsey Grammer’s daughter Spencer Grammer is pregnant! Such joyous news! Find out more revealing details here!

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This is very exciting for the entire Grammer family! Not to mention, Kelsey is going to be a grandpa! Give it up for grandpa G!

There is so much to celebrate! Rumor has it that Kelsey Grammer’s daughter is now pregnant! Spencer and her hubby James Hesketh were just married last month, at City Hall in the Big Apple on February 11th. Gramps and his new wife were there to witness the exchange of vows, and now, they will be a part of the next best thing…grandparenthood!

I’m sure the couple are thrilled with the arrival of their new addition. This is baby number one for the expectant mom and her hubs and also, the first grandbaby for papa Kelsey! Such a blessing.

Sources say that she is still quite early with her pregnancy, sharing that the couple had just found out before their nuptials! What a wonderful wedding gift, right?

Since the new mom-to-be lives in California, will grandpa Grammer make his move? In recent news, the newlyweds (Kelsey and Kayte) were already reported to be on the rocks. Involving what you may ask? Well, supposedly Kelsey would like to move back to Los Angeles to be near his other children with ex-wife, Camille, while Walsh would rather reside in New York City for other reasons. Well, maybe a grandchild is a bit more of a push. Congrats papa G!

Oh baby! Such exciting news for the entire family! Here’s a special congrats to Spencer Grammer who is pregnant and expecting her first born with her hubby James Hesketh. You may leave your best wishes in the comment box.

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