Max and Bob Sheen: Charlie Sheen’s Sons

March 2, 2011

Though he’s been acting crazy for a while Max and Bob, the actor’s twin boys have been living with him. However after the recent death threat allegations, Charlie Sheen’s sons have been removed from his home by the LAPD! Get the full story, with more photos and videos below.

Max and Bob Sheen Dad  1 Max and Bob Sheen Mom  1

The two boys celebrate their 2nd birthday this month, and it looks like they will spend it with mom, Brooke Mueller. After the threat, the soon to be ex-wife got a restraining order and now the boys were taken from his custody.

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Now what’s next for Charlie Sheen’s sons? Though he has been living with adult film stars and ranting, he claimed the boys were being well taken care of. He was upset by the action and according to TMZ he soon tweeted about his plans:

“My sons are fine… My path is now clear… Defeat is not an option..!”

What do you think about police removing Max and Bob Sheen from the actor’s care? Are Charlie Sheen’s sons better off with Brooke or will they end up with dad? Enjoy these pictures and video of a happier time, then leave me your comments below.

Max and Bob Sheen Dad  1 Max and Bob Sheen Mom  1 Max and Bob Sheen Dad  2 Max and Bob Sheen Parents  1 Max and Bob Sheen Mom  2

Photos: M. Barraza, Apega/Agent47

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3 Responses to “Max and Bob Sheen: Charlie Sheen’s Sons”

  1. 1
    she Says:

    Brooke is just as messed up, undergoing rehab, and how exactly does THAT make her a better parent to Max and Bob??? In my opinion, they both should deal with their issues now, and kids should stay with grandparents.

  2. 2
    Sandy Says:

    These poor kids thrown in the mix…sigh

  3. 3
    Rachelle Says:

    These poor kids both of their paretns are a disaster