Lisa Ann Walter is a HOT Best Thing! (Photos and Videos)

June 13, 2007

The ‘Next Best Thing’ is the latest reality show making a buzz. What caught our attention was the girl on the left. Lisa Ann Walter is a bombshell overflowing in cleavage-laden breasts. See her well-endowed photos and videos.

She may very well be a good judge, but we all know why Lisa Ann Walter is there. You will also know when you see the video and pictures. She is a very hot judge.

Our friends at Reality TV have the Las Vegas auditions. The Next Best Thing, of course, is a reality television show to find the best amateur impersonator in America. The program is a hoot so go watch it sometime, and especially pay attention to hot Lisa Ann Walter. We love her!

Did you know that Lisa Ann Walter has twins? That is interesting considering her fabulous made-for-nursing breasts and celebrity fashion taste. Her father is a geophysicist at NASA. She graduated from Catholic University of America. Catholic girls always make the best milkers.

She starred in The Parent Trap, a Disney movie in 1998, and she has appeared in various other Hollywood movies. But most of all, Lisa Ann Walters is a stand-up comic which is ostensibly why she is judging the Next Best Thing. Nobody cares if she can judge. She looks just great in these pictures.

Video and photos are after the jump.

Lisa Ann Walter Videos

Lisa Ann Walter doubled her brood when she gave birth to twin boys in 2000. “I was taught a strong work ethic by my parents, and I’m not happy unless I’m doing two – or even three — things at one,” says Walter. “I enjoy working and raising a family, and I wouldn’t want to do one without the other.” While she is developing enough material for a return to standup comedy, Walter loves gourmet cooking, reading biographies, dancing and blues music. She resides in Los Angeles with her four children, including son Jordan, daughter Delia, and twin boys Simon and Spencer.

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