Charlie Sheen Shopping Tell-All Book, Price: $10 Million Dollars!

February 27, 2011

How do you top wild, coke-parties with adult stars, beating up women, and anti-Semitic rants? If you’re TV star Charlie Sheen, you write a tell-all book! According to TMZ, Sheen is shopping a book, seeking $10 million dollars up front! Now that his series, “Two and a Half Men” is canceled and shut down, after Charlie Sheen′s rant about writer Chuck Lorre, Hollywood’s baddest, bad-boy has nothing but time on his hands. Well, he probably has a few other things in his hands, too, but, as Sheen tells ABC’s Andrea Canning in an upcoming “20/20″ interview, “I am on a drug. It′s called Charlie Sheen.” What else could possibly be next, aside from maybe more fake Jon Cryer Twitter tweets or Brooke Mueller winning DWTS?

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Talk about somebody full of himself! While this form of charm was successful in the past for Charlie Sheen, one has to wonder if the jig is up? Has he worn out this same old pattern of misbehavior once too often? Now, I do not begrudge Charlie Sheen from writing a tell-all book, nor even getting $10 million dollars in advance for it. I′m sure such a book would sell like hotcakes and make plenty of cash. I can just imagine the audio version! It would probably have a triple-X rating!

Is the real question is when will America have had enough of Charlie Sheen? Or is it when will his father, Martin Sheen, stop organizing efforts to protect baby seals from being clubbed and instead protect the public, especially women, from being allegedly beaten and abused by his own son? Is it high-time for an intervention to have Charlie committed and the 45-year-old ultra-spoiled-brat placed under an adult guardian?

While we ponder these questions, TMZ reports that TV star Charlie Sheen is shopping a tell-all book deal, seeking a $10 million dollar advance. His hit series, “Two and a Half Men”, was canceled for the season and production shut down following a Charlie Sheen rant about writer Chuck Lorre during The Alex Jones Show. Sheen, a 9/11-Truther, has been on Jones’ conspiracy-radio program before and unloaded an anti-Semitic rant. After which, reports say Sheen flew to the Bahamas on a private jet with his girlfriend, and ex-wife and a porn star for a little rest and relaxation. I suppose we can all relax, since he only has three women with him.

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4 Responses to “Charlie Sheen Shopping Tell-All Book, Price: $10 Million Dollars!”

  1. 1
    Stacy Says:

    I think his craziness will go down in history and I don’t think we need a book from him about it!

  2. 2
    Sandy Says:

    He’s lost his mind…that’s all.

  3. 3
    sarah Says:

    “Talk about somebody full of himself!” – Right on Andy! I love Two and a Half Men and I do like Charlie Sheen but what a joke this whole thing has become and I think most people think its funny. Some of it is, I admit, but he has some serious problems and it kills me that he’s going to make money off of it, and not from talent, which I am starting to question. We’re in the middle of an economic crisis and this guy is getting paid more than a million an episode to act like himself?! Not anymore! I’ll miss the show but he needs help bad!

  4. 4
    Andy Z Says:

    @ Sarah

    I’m glad you, and the rest seem to agree with me. Talk about arrogance! Did you catch his interviews? He’s totally out to lunch if he thinks that he’s worth $3 Million an episode. I heard that his new publicity team consists of a porn star and a stripper, who accompanied him for his ‘Today Show’ appearance. Charlie’s out of control.