Jon Cryer: Twitter Fake Account Discovered!

February 27, 2011

We have been hearing from many people lately about Charlie Sheen and “Two and a Half Men.” However, comments from Jon Cryer’s Twitter were faked! Get the whole story of what the mystery person said and how everyone is reacting, with more photos and videos too!

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The imposter has had the account for at least a couple weeks, as he wrote about being excited for filming to start soon. The actor’s rep however has confirmed that not only was it not Cryer, but that he doesn’t even have Twitter or Facebook accounts!

He said to TMZ:

“Actually Jon does not have a Facebook or Twitter account. I would love for you to let folks know this is all bogus.”

Many media sources were reporting the story of what was said and how the actor was apparently upset. The account that has now been removed, posted this tweet:

“It’s too sad! Sorry guys, that you must hear so bad news! I’m also shocked!”

We are yet to hear an official statement from the star about the rants and production shutting down. Other co-stars have chimed in, but with mainly jokes. The last time we heard from the Jon Cryer about Charlie Sheen’s recent behavior was when he appeared on Conan O’Brien a few weeks ago. He made light of his rants and crazy parties, and was far more entertaining then the fake guy on Twitter. You can catch that full video below.

Not everyone is into the social networking sites and as we now know, that is the case for Jon Cryer. Fake Twitter accounts or hacking into existing ones is not that new, and it is sad that it has added more drama to this situation. What do you think about the whole dilemma and what the actor will say when we do hear from him? Enjoy these pictures and video, then leave me your comments below.

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Photos:, Apega, Nikki Nelson, Jody Cortes

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