Kathleen Parker leaves CNN ‘Parker Spitzer’

February 26, 2011

According to reports, Kathleen Parker leaves CNN after just four months as co-host of “Parker Spitzer” show. The Pulitzer Prize winning op-ed writer wants to focus on her writing career again. Her column with the Washington Post is syndicated nationally and probably has more readers than CNN had viewers of the ill-fated prime-time gab-fest. The show featured her with former Democrat governor of New York state, Elliot Spitzer, who had resigned after a call-girl-sex-scandal.

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elliot spitzer
Elliot Spitzer will carry on with a new show as Kathleen Parker leaves CNN. Image Credit: Carrie Devorah/WENN.com.

Ratings are a major issue at CNN, especially for their prime-time line-up. The 8pm time slot on cable news is dominated by Fox News “The O′Reilly Factor”, trouncing the competition with an average of 3.32 million viewers per night. Bill O’Reilly leaves the rest behind him in the dust as MSNBC’s “The Last Word” averages barely 1 million and CNN’s “Parker Spitzer” draws just over 700,000 nightly. The evening gets even worse for CNN at 9pm as the newest show, “Piers Morgan Tonight” continues to tank further. After his premier show, Morgan went from a million viewers with guest Howard Stern and lost half the audience by the end of his first week of replacing Larry King.

“Parker Spitzer” even finished fourth at times against CNN′s sister network, HLN, against Headline News’ Nancy Grace. Let′s face it, doesn’t get much worse than that! Bad timing for Kathleen Parker came as well while she was on vacation, just four months after starting, when the wave of unrest began in Egypt. During which the show actually did better, ratings-wise, with Spitzer hosting solo.

As Kathleen Parker leaves CNN′s “Parker Spitzer”, co-host Elliot Spitzer will remain with a new show, “In the Arena”. National Review columnist Will Cain and former Fox News anchor-babe E. D. Hill will join Spitzer for this attempt to challenge Bill O’Reilly. CNN′s executive vice president, Ken Jautz has high hopes for the new show, but this too, shall fail. Meanwhile, Kathleen Parker will continue writing for the Washington Post, where her column is syndicated nationally.

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One Response to “Kathleen Parker leaves CNN ‘Parker Spitzer’”

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    john kneeland Says:

    You are seriously suggesting that Sarah Palin could last more than fifteen minutes in a room with Elliot Spitzer? This is hilarious. She would be intellectually outflanked from the moment she opened her mouth. Incoherent parables about life and incessant lying and distortion may work when she’s preaching to her ignorant base, but in a room with a caustic thinker, Palin would be ripped to shreds. Parker could joust with Spitzer, but probably tired of the environment. If you think Sarah Palin has any kind of edge on Parker, you are complete idiots. But then again, you’re right-wing, so it’s no surprise.