Lawsuit over ‘Girls Gone Wild’ Video

June 13, 2007

Brooke Patsolic and Christina Brose have sued “Girls Gone Wild” founder Joe Francis for inappropriate use of their lesbian sex scene images in a video.

The girls were under 18 at the time and claimed they were served alcohol on a bus which turned into a studio for their lesbian romp in the proverbial hay. More importantly, they say a commercial release of the video was not authorized. Francis claims that they signed a consent form, lied about their age, and that the young starlets were never served alcohol.

You can read the case docket. It claims the two women were featured in “Girls Gone Wild” Endless Spring Break vol. 6 and that their pictures used in advertising and as a teaser for other films.

Brooke Patsolic and Christina Brose are both from Florida. We hope that this isn’t the same Brooke Patsolic who had a bad car wreck in central Florida in 2006. That girl attended the University of Central Florida (UCF).

The only Christina Brose picture we can find is this photo of Christina Brose as a cheerleader in Minnesota, but that is the wrong state so we do not think that is her unless she moved.

Francis, 34 years old, is still in a Nevada jail on charges of federal tax fraud. He was granted bail after pleading not guilty in that case. Humorously, Francis stayed in jail despite making bail in order to avoid getting sent to Florida to be arrested on charges of possessing contraband and drugs while in the Bay County Jail in May.

If you did not follow that last paragraph, all you need to know is that Joe Francis is in a pack of trouble.

Pictures will be below when we can find them so send your tips as usual!

Meanwhile you are stuck with this nightmare picture of Joe Francis and Paris Hilton, his ex-girlfriend. They deserve each other.

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