Charlie Sheen TSA Rant on The Alex Jones Show

February 24, 2011

OMG. I cannot believe that Charlie Sheen would go that far. In a sense, I’m glad that he did! You have got to hear the Two and A Half Men star’s TSA rant here on The Alex Jones Show, live on air. See photos and a video clip below!

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When it comes to his children, Charlie tells it how it is…and he’s not afraid of what people have to say. Hear more about it! Check out pictures and videos below!

In light of a very controversial topic including TSA screenings these days, Charlie Sheen has publicly fired back. The Two and A Half Men star goes on air with The Alex Jones Show regarding this subject matter, and let’s just say…he means business. In a live interview, the actor broke his silence. It definitely seems as if Sheen has got it out for the TSA agents who allegedly tantalized those traveling, including children, that were reportedly “groped” at a Savannah train station earlier this month. With that, he warned, “Anyone who wants to ignore it deserves to have their privates fondled by some clown who worked at Wal-Mart seven minutes before that….losers and clowns and trolls all of them. Touch my children and I would eat your hands off your frikkin’ arms.” Question is, what can we do to better our security?

Below is a video from the train station that has got Sheen in an uproar. But he’s not the only one. This, too, has got others wondering why? Why were these travelers really subjected to a airport-style security check after getting off the dog gone train?

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. As for Charlie Sheen, he unleashes in a TSA rant on The Alex Jones Show. Do you think that the Two and A Half Men star went too far? Not when it comes to his kids! Be sure to give us your thoughts about the controversial topic in the comment box. Also, check out photos and videos below! You have got to see for yourself!

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Photos: 47/Owen Beiny/Judy Eddy

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    Miriam Says:

    So sad all that is happening to him