Teen Mom Amber Portwood Nude Photos Hit The Net

February 23, 2011

Scandal alert, Teen Mom Amber Portwood has nude photos that have hit the Net! Man is seems that this chick is just all about the drama. You can learn more about naked pics of Portwood right here, so keep reading.

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It is sad to say but it does not surprise me that there are Teen Mom’s Amber Portwood’s nude photos or that they have hit the Net. I mean it seems every week there is some sort of not good news concerning the clearly troubled Portwood that comes out. I feel so bad for her poor daughter caught up in the craziness that is her mother but that is a different story for a different time.

Apparently a friend snapped the pic of Amber who does kind of cover her girlie parts as she posed pin-up style. In the pictures, which you can see here if you want, there is a clear shot of Portwood’s infamous and huge tattoo that she got in honor of her daughter Leah. Are the shots distasteful or trashy, shockingly not really but they are so not classy at all. One thing is for sure they definitely are not suitable for everyone to see, seriously though who is really dying to see this hot mess sans clothes, not me!

There are nude photos of Teen Mom Amber Portwood that have hit the net. According to RadarOnline Amber thinks she is a pin-up girl and that is why her friend, took the shots. Anyone want to take bets on how that “friend” is also the source that RadarOnline quotes. Here is some food for thought Amber stop taking off your clothes, beating up people and focus on your kid, just my opinion.

This latest drama involving Portwood will soon pass and she will move on to something else but until then give me a shout out about what you think of the naked pictures of Amber.

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