Kim Kardashian: Gotti Film on the Horizon?

February 24, 2011

The reality TV star has been trying to get into major acting for a while and she may have her chance. In the new John Gotti film, Kim Kardashian may get a lead role. Want to know what she’ll be doing? Keep reading below for all the details, photos and videos.

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The production is about the mobster who was serving a life sentence for 13 murders until his death in 2002. If the executive producers agree, the celebrity will play the mafioso’s daughter-in-law Kim.

John Travolta has already signed on to be the leading man and James Franco may play his son in the movie. According to reports from TMZ, she met with executive producer Mark Fiore and he is very interested in casting Kim Kardashian in the Gotti film.

This would be the first time the reality starlet would be doing any serious acting. Before this she has only been in some reality shows, done some commercials and of course her scandalous video with Ray J! She also has her new music career on her plate right, so it looks like she is really trying to broaden her horizons.

I don’t know if this serious role is right for her first big movie appearance, but that may not matter. This film about “The Dapper Don” should be an incredible movie, that is if the acting can step up to the plate. I think John, James and Kim could possibly pull this off but it would be interesting.

Nothing has been made official so we will have to wait and see if we are going to see Kim Kardashian’s Gotti film role. What do you think about the possibility? Would she be terrible for the part or will she surprise us all? After you enjoy these pictures and video, leave me your comments in the section below.

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Photos:, FayesVision, DJDM , Adriana M. Barraza

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One Response to “Kim Kardashian: Gotti Film on the Horizon?”

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    Sandy Says:

    I cannot see her acting…I think reality tv is as far as she could go