Tammi Baliszewski PHOTOS: Kelsey Grammer’s Girlfriend (Before Camille)

February 23, 2011

Tammi Baliszewski photos are in high demand now that she claims she used to be Kelsey Grammer’s girlfriend—and even fiancĂ©. The relationship supposedly came to an end when he cheated on her with none other than Camille herself.

Tammi Baliszewski

RadarOnline caught up with a woman who was once in a serious relationship with the Frasier actor. Granted, ex’s very rarely have anything good to say about their former beaus, but this one seems intent on proving that Kelsey is a repeat cheater.

Though their break-up was nearly 14 years ago, Baliszewski says it ended much like his with Camille; in an infidelity scandal. Back in 1994 the two were poised to tie the knot, but Tammi says Miss Camille came into our Cassanova’s life, and from there it went South.

Now that his current divorce has gone public, she feels the real Kelsey is being exposed:

“The public is starting to understand this individual.”

As for the purported similarities between her story and Camille’s, she says:

“He didn’t have compassion for me … it doesn’t seem like he has compassion at all for (her) how he’s handling this…”

Okay, so the guy definitely has a ton of ex’s, many of which have kids. And it’s true, not all of them seem to have nice things to say about him, but I’m always skeptical of people who come out of nowhere to jump on the hate wagon of celebs.

The timing is a bit suspicious, and it’s no coincidence that she is a published author with a book to sell—a book that just so happens to have been written right after her split from Kelsey.

Nonetheless, if you followed the RHBH, it seems like he is a bit callous, eh?

Check out some Tammi Baliszewski photos below. What do you think of Kelsey Grammer’s girlfriend from before Camille? More on the story over at The Examiner and E! Online.

Tammi BaliszewskiTammi BaliszewskiTammi BaliszewskiTammi Baliszewski

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    Sandy Says:

    This, too, does not surprise me!