Boston Rob works the Blindside on Survivor: Redemption Island

February 23, 2011

We begin the second episode of Survivor: Redemption Island on Redemption Island as Francesca arrives on Night 3. She got the boot from Boston Rob and his Loyal 5 of the Ometepe Tribe. A note explains to her how she′ll get a daily ration of rice and water. Francesca hopes to make the best of it and possibly return to The Game at an opportune moment. Meanwhile, the rest of Ometepe returns to camp and discuss the wild Tribal Council. Kristina is glad she didn′t play her hidden immunity idol. Boston Rob Mariano thinks both her and Phillip were lying to him. Phillip tries to convince him that Rob has his support and vote, but Rob just doesn′t care. His gang will deal with Phillip and Kristina next.

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On Day 4 we watch Phillip hunt the man-eating land-crab. Rob and his gang watch in amusement. Phillip tells Uncle Cameraman how much he loves himself. Meanwhile, at Zapetera Tribe, Evil Russell thinks his tribe is a bunch of dummies, with Ralph being King Stupid. Russell begins his hunt for their hidden immunity idol after adding Krista with Stephanie to his harem. But Ralph finds it by accident while gather rocks. I guess Ralph needs more rocks to put inside his skull.

On Day 5, we rejoin Ometepe and find Matt discussing with Andrea how lucky they are that divine providence placed them with such a great tribe. Boston Rob sees them and determines that they are forming a secret alliance. So Rob chats with his secret ally, Natalie, about booting one of them first before Phillip or Kristina.

Time for the combo Reward-Immunity Challenge. But before we start, Jeff Probst, our host with the most, spares a moment to allow Phillip to once again irritate people (this time the women) with his utter arrogance. After Phillip insults all the ladies for being weaklings and inferior to macho-men (like Phillip), Jeff explains today′s challenge.

It′s to be a relay-swim-fest where one from each tribe will swim across a pool and climb up a platform. Then jump and try to strike a tile suspended by a rope with the relay baton. If successful, they will obtain a key. Once all the keys are obtained, the tribe will unlock a box and use the balls inside to break more tiles. Break all five and the tribe wins immunity plus a basket full of fishing gear.

Ometepe Tribe builds a quick lead as they have better swimmers. They get their five keys first, but Zapetera Tribe is right behind them and passes OT during the unlocking phase. Ralph is tossing balls for ZT and Phillip for OT. Ralph must have lots of experience at ring tosses at carnival midways as he goes 4 for 4 break all but one tile. Phillip struggles but evens things up as Ralph has trouble connecting a solid blow to the last tile. But King Ralphy lands a solid hit and wins the challenge for Zapetera. Matt generously offers a handshake and congratulates to them, which upsets Boston Rob.

Zapetera returns to camp with Evil Russell carrying the basket of fishing gear. He suspects correctly that there is a clue for the hidden immunity idol, which he pockets. But Ralph see him do it and blabs to the others. Russell shares the clue with his harem, but they are interrupted as Ralph confronts Russell about the idol clue. The two Southern Boys posture like a pair of roosters in a hen house. Meanwhile, Francesca gets her luxury item, a journal, to amuse herself with on Redemption Island.

Back at Ometepe Tribe, Phillip the Great delivers a speech on how proud he is of HIS tribe. He then dismisses his troops who smirk away. Kristina decides to wear her immunity idol about her neck and intends to play it tonight. Boston Rob gathers his Loyal 3 and plots to boot Matt for his disloyal deed of fraternizing with the enemy. They will instruct Matt and Andrea to split votes, boys for Phillip and girls for Kristina. Phillip inquires Rob on whom to vote for? Boston Rob assures him that he is safe tonight and will give him a pitching signal at Tribal Council on who to vote for.

At Tribal Council, Jeff begins asking Kristina about the chance she took not playing her idol last time. She knows it was a gusty move but she felt safe then, though less so now. Then Phillip discusses his Animal Power, showing off his tattoos, one of a gorilla and one of a lion. When needed, he summons the beasts for action. He does acknowledge that his tribe lost mostly because of his own poor play. Guess the animals were away being fed or something. Rob and Matt respect Phillip for bearing responsibility for the tribe′s loss. Phillip says he is ready to duel Francesca on Redemption Island.

It′s time to vote, finally! We see Phillip vote for Kristina plus Matt and Kristina vote for Phillip. Jeff gathers the ballots and asks if anyone, namely Kristina, wants to play the hidden immunity idol, which she does. She wound up getting two votes, which were discarded. Phillip got his two and Matt got four, compliments of Boston Rob and his Loyal 3. Jeff praises them on their first blindside. Spoilers for next week’s episode of Survivor: Redemption Island show Andrea being mad at Rob while the Zapetera Tribe and Evil Russell square off.

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