Justin Tennison: Deadliest Catch Star

February 23, 2011

Sad news today from Discovery’s Deadliest Catch, star Justin Tennison was found dead at age 33, so young. Justin was a crew member on the boat Time Bandit which was featured on the reality TV show. Learn more about Justin including what caused him to die suddenly. You can also check out some pictures and a video.

Justin Tennison

In a hotel room in Homer, Alaska the body of Justin Tennison, of Deadliest Catch fame, was discovered. According to TMZ when the room was searched a little bit of pot was found as well as a number of alcohol bottles. At this time the cause of Tennison’s death is unknown but many are wondering given the condition of his room if drugs and alcohol didn’t play a part.

As for a biography on Justin well there isn’t a whole heck of a lot. He had one son and one daughter. The experienced fisherman lived in Alaska for most of his life and fished commercially for years. However during the off season he worked as an engineer, which is pretty cool that he did two such completely different things with his life. Justin was a deckhand for Time Bandit. The captain of the boat, Andy Hillstrand, wrote a very heartfelt message on his Facebook page about Tennison and he sounds like he was quite the guy. If you get a chance you should check it out, pretty moving.

There is very little information known about Deadliest Catch star Justin Tennison that doesn’t relate to his death. It is very sad news and the second death to happy to a member of the hit show. If you have any additional information on Justin or just want to share your condolences please feel free express them with me. Our thoughts go out to his family as they deal with the loss of a man whose life was cut way too short.

Justin Tennison Photo

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    Sandy Says:

    Wow, talk about deadly. RIP!