Ashton Kutcher ‘Ghostbusters 3′ Role “Absolutely Possible”

February 23, 2011

While everyone is waiting on Bill Murray to approve the script, we hear there may be a new star in ‘Ghostbusters 3.’ Ashton Kutcher may play to role of a new recruit, if the movie ever gets made. Want more developing details, with photos and videos? Keep reading after the jump!

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Director Ivan Reitman worked with the actor on his latest movie ‘No Strings Attached’ and it looks like they like doing films together. Does the funny man fit the role though?

This all came from a part of an interview with Digital Spy to promote their ‘Strings’ movie. The two were talking about the remake and when asked if Reitman may cast Ashton Kutcher in ‘Ghostbusters 3,’ he said that it was “absolutely possible.” Apparently there will be a group of younger ghoul fighting troops who will be learning from the pros in order to take over.

Some of the veterans, however, aren’t so excited about this whole movie. Bill Murray has been delaying the process by holding on to the script, but not reading it. He went on Howard Stern and talked about his issues, and you can check that out below.

The production team is still working hard on their project and hope to have his approval soon. With the recent success of their last movie, these two in particular hope Murray signs off on it so they can work together again. If he doesn’t however, it looks like that would be a dead end. Some sources for Deadline said:

“Without Murray, the studio absolutely will not make the film.”

What do you think about all the drama surrounding this production already? If the movie does get approval, would you like to see Ashton Kutcher in ‘Ghostbusters 3?’ I wonder if they should even try to make another one, or end with two. After you check out these pictures and a video trailer and one of Murray talking to Stern, leave me your comments below.

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Photos: Yamalyan, Starbux, Anita Bugge, C.Smith

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    Sandy Says:

    This would be awesome! I’m gonna call Ghostbusters!