Gary Goldsmith: Kate Middleton’s Uncle

February 22, 2011

Surprise guest Gary Goldsmith has gotten the go to the biggest wedding of the year! The uncle of Kate Middleton is thrilled to be a part of his niece’s upcoming nuptials to Prince William. Should be a royal party! Find out more interesting details and see photos and a video right here!

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For what some call Gary Goldsmith as the black sheep of the family, it appears as if he has earned his invitation to attend the royal wedding. As a surprise invitee, let’s hope he is ready to be on his best behavior like a good ole chap! Be sure to check out pictures and videos below!

In terms of a biography, not only is 45-year old Gary Goldsmith from Ibiza, Spain known as the future princess Kate Middleton’s uncle, he is also a self-made millionaire as a property developer who turned his estate into millions. But just like anyone else, he has definitely had his fair share of problems. The troubled man (Kate’s mother’s brother) was once exposed in an undercover sting in July of 2009 involving a risky lifestyle that reporters referred to Gary as a “cannabis-smoking drugs dealer” who permitted prostitution and cocaine.

It seems as if it has been a rough road for Kate Middleton’s uncle. It’s definitely not easy to be compared to a total princess, eh? Stemming from what others perceive Gary as a man with a bad rep, he has reportedly proven himself to be a changed man. Since the relationship of Prince William and Kate came to light, the royal family has previously shown some concern for Goldsmith, regarding his careless behavior. In consideration, Gary has vowed to become a “good boy” and make the necessary adjustments to reform himself. Atta chap!

A source close to Kate’s side of the fam has confirmed that Goldsmith will join his sister Catherine and the rest of the immediate/extended family to the royal wedding, along with the other 1900 guests that were invited.

How’s that for a happy ending? Gary Goldsmith should be feeling the fairest of them all. After all, it is going to a fairytale wedding! Be sure to check out photos and a video clip below. Cheers to the bride and groom!

Gary Goldsmith Niece Photo 1Gary Goldsmith Niece Picture 2Gary Goldsmith Niece Photo 3Gary Goldsmith Niece Picture 4
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Photos: Hussein/Anwar Hussein

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