Rozonno and Mia McGhee: Facebook Sextuplets to Oprah!

February 22, 2011

Rozonno and Mia McGhee, parents of the Facebook sextuplets, owe Oprah a very big thank you as the talk show host just gave them one heck of a present. Find out what she did for them and oh so much more when you keep reading.

McGhee Family

If you are an Oprah fan you probably watched yesterday’s show featuring the Facebook sextuplets and their parents Rozonno and Mia McGhee. The McGee family welcomed Olivia, Madison, Rozonno Jr., Josiah, Elijah, and Isaac last summer in Columbus. Ohio. Yesterday America got to see them on the Queen of Talk’s show and watch her give the family a $250,000 Walmart gift card, not a bad baby present I must say.

The newborn babies didn’t just catch the eye of Ms. Winfrey America too has fallen in love with these little darlings. I mean just go check out their social networking page and it is clear what an affect these kids are having on people. You should look at their page just to check out the gorgeous photos of this family, wow!

Can you imagine having six babies all at once? Well let me tell you a little bit about what life is like for the McGee family. They go through 36 diapers, 24 bottles and 12 bowls of cereals. Thank goodness Rozonno and Mia have some help. The crew that consists of three girls and three boys share one room with three cribs, tight quarters to say the least.

I personally loved the story of Rozonno and Mia McGhee and the Facebook sextuplets on Oprah. I knew it was going to be a tearjerker so I made sure to have my Kleenex ready. Six babies, holy moly I can’t even imagine one at once let alone six. I sure hope that the McGees don’t exploit their kids the way that John & Kate did because I am sure the reality TV world is going to be knocking at their door at some point.

What to you think of the too cute babies?

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2 Responses to “Rozonno and Mia McGhee: Facebook Sextuplets to Oprah!”

  1. 1
    Sandy Says:

    Wow, very generous I’d say! Yay Oprah!

  2. 2
    Luis A. Custodio Says:

    One dream with me. Oprah Winfrey personally greet. In your country or mine.