Ashton Kutcher and Jennifer Aniston: Friends Bet on Date (Video)

February 22, 2011

Timing never seemed to work for these two but it may after a friend’s bet. Ashton Kutcher and Jennifer Aniston may have a date one day so the actor can win $1,000! Want to know what this is all about? Keep reading below, with more photos and videos as well.

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When the ‘No Strings Attached’ actor was in high school he wagered that he could go out with the actress one day. They never seemed to be single at the same time but on “The Graham Norton Show” he said he still wants to make good on the promise!

On the BBC show Ashton Kutcher told us about how the Jennifer Aniston friends bet started:

“I bet a high school buddy $1,000 that one day I would go on a date with Jennifer Aniston. I was 17 years old and she was on my screensaver.”

When he was 23 years old he finally met the gorgeous blonde, but she was married to Brad Pitt. He still wanted to win so he asked if it was okay.

“Five years later I actually met her and I asked Brad Pitt’s permission to ask his wife out on a date. He was so cool and said ‘You go for it’ so I asked her and she turned me down.”

She is single now, but “unfortunately” Demi Moore snatched up the actor and so he is off the market. However he has said that he still would do it if his wife was okay with it. Now you know he doesn’t need the money, but he won’t let go of his pride! The last time we heard about these two in headline together it was about the Razzie awards!

Maybe the next time will be if he wins his friend’s bet. Is an Ashton Kutcher and Jennifer Aniston date a good idea? Would it cause too much more drama for the married couple? Enjoy these pictures and video of the show, then leave me your comments in the section below.

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Photos: Yamalyan, Starbux, Anita Bugge, C.Smith

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    Miriam Says:

    Lovely couple, sorry Demi