Ziona Chana: World’s Biggest Family

February 21, 2011

Ziona Chana is the head of the world’s biggest family. Let’s just say this guy and his beloved ones make the Duggers look like a very small family. This is one heck of a story and you can read all about it right here.

Indian Men

An Indian man named Ziona Chana has the world’s largest family that includes 39 wives and 94 children, holy moly can you imagine. That my friends only includes his immediate brood, he also has 14 daughter-in-laws and 33 grandchildren. Notice how he doesn’t have any son-in-laws. I will give you a second to grasp this unbelievable news.

If that wasn’t enough the whole entire Chana clan, which totals 181 members, lives together! Now granted they all share a 100 room mansion but still all under one roof no less. You can check out a group photo which includes all the Chana members here.

I have all sorts of issues with the whole multiple wives thing but each culture is different so I am trying really hard not to be too judgmental. However can I just say eww gross!

Ziona revealed to Daily Mail that all his wives rotate who gets to share his bed with him and that sometimes at dinner the group can eat 30 chickens, 132 pounds of potatoes and 220 pounds of rice. That is a crap load of food!. Plus he shared that his brood is run with a military discipline. I kind of think it would have to be with that many people.

Ziona Chana is the head of the world’s largest family that consists of 181 members total. It is way too much for me to process. I don’t understand it and I never will, especially the whole living in the same household thing. Different yes, bizarre & crazy well it is that too but those are just my thoughts on this I want to know what you think. Come on I know that you have some thoughts, who wouldn’t where this topic is concerned. Be sure to check out the below video that talks about large families it is very entertaining.

Photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bernardoh

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4 Responses to “Ziona Chana: World’s Biggest Family”

  1. 1
    sarah Says:

    This is bizarre!

  2. 2
    Miriam Says:

    Very strange!

  3. 3
    Stacy Says:

    I can’t believe they ALL live together! Crazy!

  4. 4
    adele Says:

    Whats crazy is that they are making a wax statue out of teeny bob Justin Beber!! He hasnt even been famous for that long. hollywood is a JOKE!!!! They dont know what life is all about. Sit back and spend. thats the life.