Lady Gaga’s Nun Outfit at Monster Ball Show Sizzles!

February 20, 2011

Lady Gaga’s nun get-up has ruffled a feather or two after she rocked the nearly see-through number on stage at the Monster Ball show in Atlantic City this weekend.

Lady Gaga Nun

The costume included a translucent rubber body suit that was topped off with a huge, exaggerated nun’s hat. Underneath it all, Gaga only wore tape over her nipples, and a bikini bottom.

I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a controversy, but I don’t imagine her earning any pontifical praise for it either. If anything, it’s yet another nod in Madonna’s direction (she miffed plenty of religious conservatives back in her prime as well).

I remember Madge being skewered for one performance in particular in which she let her hands wander down to her crotch area one too many times. That was the mid-eighties, and thanks to her, society has grown a lot more tolerant of people artists like Gaga.

Being edgy is obviously not the end of the comparisons. Following her break-out performance of ‘Born This Way’ at the Grammys, critics gleefully pointed out its similarities to ‘Express Yourself.’ Sure, the chorus of both tracks follows an eerily similar melody, but in general they aren’t all that alike.

Naturally, Gaga’s ‘little monsters’ were beside themselves at the performance, which included all of her major hits and at least two encores. But it was her notoriously bizarre choice of attire that would land her in the headlines the next day.

Fans were pleasantly surprised that she stuck with her classics. It’s always frustrating when an artist releases new material and floods their show with nothing but the new tracks. I’ve sat through it myself at many shows. But not Gaga! Other than the new single, she actually performed nothing but the hits this weekend.

Aside from the Lady Gaga’s nun costume, the big news was her announcement that she plans to hit the road with her new ‘Born This Way Ball’ soon. I’m already on the look out for tour dates.

For more on the story visit Starpulse and TMZ.

Lady Gaga NunLady Gaga NunLady Gaga NunLady Gaga NunLady Gaga NunLady Gaga Nun

Photos: Nikolov

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3 Responses to “Lady Gaga’s Nun Outfit at Monster Ball Show Sizzles!”

  1. 1
    OST Says:

    Yeah- doesn’t seem to bad, but she sure must of been sticking to that suit.

  2. 2
    sarah Says:

    I just can’t get into Lady Gaga, but I did hear her show’s are insane!

  3. 3
    Stacy Says:

    I think she looks terrible in that outfit… but what else would we expect?