Cameron Goodman Interview

February 20, 2011

The beautiful and talented Cameron Goodman is an up and coming actress whose name you better get used to hearing. Not only is she extremely talented but Cameron is also a fabulous young lady. I know this because I got to interview her last week. Read all about our chat below, pictures and video included.

Cameron Goodman

You may not know her name yet but I am here to tell you that thanks to my interview with Cameron Goodman I know her name is one you are going to be hearing a lot of. Oh yes the girl who grew up believing politics were her future is destined to be a big star in Hollywood.

I got to chat with Cameron and it was a pleasure. I seriously felt like I was talking to one of my friends I had known for years.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about your background, family, where you grew up etc?
A. I grew up in DC and was very academic focused. I was a super straight A student. I went to Georgetown where I studied Econ. Growing up I always thought I wanted a career in politics. My Dad is an energy law expert so I was involved early on in the political world. I have worked all over capital hill, during my childhood and teen years. Politics was a big part of my life and I am still very interested in public education and public policy. Even though I didn’t go the political route everyone thought I was destined to, my parents are still super supportive of what I do.

Q. Given your desire to have a career in politics, how did you end up in acting?
A. I had been in school plays growing up but never heard of anyone who went into acting as a career. It really was not an option at all to me so I didn’t consider it a career option even though I was bitten by the acting bug. During my Sophomore year of college I got the chance to visit a movie set in Los Angeles and saw how the movie production worked. Everyone took me in, I talked with the lead actors, heard their stories about hoping in the car and moving to L.A. to pursue acting. Once I spoke with some actors/actresses I realized I could do what they did and try my hand at acting. So I took the risk moved out here and have been working on my career ever since.

Q. Tell me little bit about Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure, which is a spin off of the High School Musical franchise.
A. Well even though it is based on Ashley Tisdale’s character from High School Musical, it is its own franchise. There could even be more films to come. It is about how Sharpay changes from evil to good etc. I am a huge fan of Disney, have been since I was a kid. I had to go through the normal audition process and I remember being in the casting room with these super young kids and thinking there was no way I would get the part but I booked the role. I just thought it was a Disney movie, I had no idea it was connected to the HSM series and they kept it very secretive All the names in the scripts were changed while filming until like the last couple of days It airs in April tentatively. I loved working with Ashley, she is great. They had worked together on Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Q. Can you speak about your role as Molly on the TV show Friends With Benefits?
A. It is so funny. The show is about a group of friends inner dating. It starts off with this guy Ryan who is in his mid twenties but feels like he is about twelve years old. The need to be adult is the feeling of the show. My character Molly is very anal and the little sister of Ryan. It is coming out in the next couple of weeks. I love making people laugh so I hope this show does that for people.

Q. Do you have a preference, comedy or drama?
A. I love love love comedy. I have been in improve groups since I was a kid. I always felt that being a female comedian in improv would give me an edge. It has also opened a lot of doors including my first gig Wild and Out. I am interested in doing stand up but don’t have a stand up right now. It is something I would love to do down the road though. Right now I am focusing on acting and doing improve comedy.

Q. Can you talk about what other projects you are currently working on or anything you have coming up?
A. What is turning out to be my favorite project just started and it is me making a show with some comedian friends I met along the way. It is called Breakfast Burrito News and each comedian I work with does a segment of the news. I always felt that young people would watch the news if they had a source they could relate to. It is today’s news in a young persons voice. Right now it is on Youtube but it was just picked up by Rebel Entertainment so they are shopping it around to a network to turn it into a show. It might even be on a news network. I really look for insight from fans on what to report about so please check us out.

Q. What would be your dream role and co-star?
A. That is easy my dream role would be something in sitcom. Maybe even writing and producing one of the things I have been working on. My dream co-star would be Goldie Hawn she is from old school comedy back in the day and I really admire that.

Q. Do you have any interest in doing behind the scenes work, writing, directing etc?
A. It has actually been a big goal of mine since I moved to L.A. I am working on it all as I continue my career in acting. I did have a project with Jim Henson’s Company behind it but the company ended up firing the execs that were behind my project, so it was back to the drawing board. You just have to try because there are so many things that derail you. I will say this, I am trying to work on it all right now.

Q. Can you tell me something that people would be surprised to know about you?
A. I just got baptized this year after practicing Orthodox Buddhism my whole life. I joined a church and I now teach bible school on Sunday as well as go to church each week.

Q. What else should the world know about you?
A. I encourage anyone who wants to get into acting to ask me questions because I am more than happy to answer any questions. I know how hard it is to be in this industry and I am grateful for those who helped me. I would like to do the same for others. Sometimes we get advice from people outside the industry we want to be in who tell us no and that it is not possible but I am here to say it is possible. Anyone looking for advice can email me via the Breakfast Burrito News website.

I can not express enough what a great time I had doing my interview with Cameron Goodman. She is truly a remarkable young lady who I have no doubt is going to take Hollywood by storm. Keep your eyes on this blonde bombshell, big things are ahead for her.

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