White Collar’s Andrew McCarthy Interview

February 20, 2011

I was taken back to the days of my youth recently when I got the chance to interview Andrew McCarthy, now on the USA hit show White Collar. It was an honor to say the least and you can read all about it right here, as well as check out some amazing pictures and a video.

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He was a part of the Brat Pack in the 80’s having made a name for himself in movies like St. Elmo’s Fire, Pretty In Pink and Mannequin just to name a few. Yes I am talking about the oh so cute Andrew McCarthy who stars as Vincent Adler on White Collar currently. I recently had the opportunity to participate in a Q&A conference call with Andrew in which I learned so much about the guy I had a major crush on as a teenager.

Just hearing Andrew’s voice was amazing but to actually get to learn about him and his life was just freaking awesome. Of course one hot topic discussed was his new role on the USA show which he got the good old fashioned way, the powers that be called, he thought it was a great role and the rest is history. With playing any character there are challenges and for McCarthy playing Vincent the biggest challenge is that he is the old mentor, yeah he isn’t the young stud anymore but he looks great in my book.

Andrew has been in over 40 films during his spectacular career, however as fans we know all those films have not all been stellar. I know I have my faves as well as the ones I thought well sucked pretty bad and guess what so does McCarthy. He told us that some of his favorite parts he has played includes his roles in the films Quiet Days in Clichy, Heaven Help Us, which is also one of my all time favorites, St. Elmo’s Fire and Weekend at Bernie’s. Andrew also talked about how there are parts he has done in the theatre that he loved too. Along with the roles he enjoyed there are some that he said he probably shouldn’t have done like Weekend at Bernie’s 2, yeah we all kind of agree with you on that one Andrew.

One thing that I was very surprised to discover was that Andrew has been doing some behind the scenes work like directing the show Gossip Girl. He is even going to direct an episode of White Collar next year. Directing isn’t the only other talent that McCarthy apparently has behind the scenes, turns out he is a writer too but not for TV or film. Nope Andrew is apparently a Travel Writer, he was actually in the Ruby Mountains in Nevada doing a piece about heli-skiing out in the mountains when we were speaking with him. Pretty cool I had no idea he has also made quite the career for himself as a Travel writer. Andrew enlightened us on how he got into the biz which was simply thanks to his own love of traveling. He used to travel a lot before he had kids and travel changed his life. He got the chance to meet the editor of National Geographic Traveler magazine at a party and basically said “You should let me write for your magazine.” After some convincing he was given his first assignment which he knocked out of the park and things expanded after that. McCarthy made it very clear that it is a passion of his. I have to say I really want to read one of his pieces which from what I hear are fantastic.

Since Andrew has had so much experience in film and television there were many questions about his thoughts on both genres, I picked two that I thought you all would enjoy the most.

Q. How do you think the perception of television has changed in terms of better options for actors?
A. Well, from when I started acting 100 years ago in the early ‘80s, you only did the television show if your movie career was over. Now I’d say most of the best writing is on television. Movies are a different beast entirely, there’s the big blockbusters and then occasionally, there’s some little interesting movies that come along that somehow get made and 12 people are in them. But I think now there are all sorts of amazing roles for people on television and like I said, the best writing, I think, is on television, and there’s tons of it. I think it’s a real golden age for television for sure.

Q. What are the main differences between doing a movie role and a TV role from your viewpoint?
A. TV is faster, period, and sometimes that’s a good thing. TV usually uses two cameras, so you can do the over the shoulder and the close-up at the same time. So you don’t go, ah, I was better when we were maybe over the shoulder and the close-up is not as good. In TV you have to shoot eight pages a day, on movies, you can shoot anywhere from two to four or five, depending on the budget. I have to say, personally, I like to just run and go, let’s shoot. I enjoy the TV pace, you’re always under the clock, but that’s not the actor’s problem. It’s a director’s problem. So there’s no real difference, the acting is the acting.

The chat with Andrew ended on what I thought was a perfect note, which was him talking about his most memorable moment from acting so far. He gave an example of a scene he had with hottie Matt Bomer and although there was nothing interesting about it, what makes it memorable to him is the two settled in to the scene and just captured it nicely. It may not seem like much but as Andrew explained acting is a job and with any job you just do it and if you are lucky there are those times where things click and you go ah.

It was seriously a dream come true to get the chance to interview Andrew McCarthy. He is a great guy who has had a lasting career in the entertainment world and whose talent keeps shining through in many ways. I hope you enjoy a nice blast from the past video below.

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Photos: www.wenn.com/PNP/Joseph Marzullo

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  1. 1
    sarah Says:

    Awesome Job Rachelle!

  2. 2
    Jeanette Says:

    He is one of my favorite actors from the 80’s…loved this interview!!