Dianna Agron, Alex Pettyfer Call It Quits!

February 19, 2011

Just another Hollywood break up. Dianna Agron and Alex Pettyfer have called it quits just after a year of courting. Get the details behind the curtain and see photos and a video right here!

Dianna Agron 1 2Alex Pettyfer

So they may be on-screen lovers, but what happened behind the scenes? Just read up and I’ll tell you. Be sure to check out pictures and videos below!

Just an old fashioned love song, eh? Well, apparently Dianna and Alex are no longer singing in sweet harmony. But where did they go off-key? Some say the cute couple tuned out engagement whispers just last week! It seems as if they clearly were not on the same page…bummer, and according to reports, Agron up and left their little love nest days ago.

The I am Number Four director, D.J. Caruso is the matchmaker behind their year long relationship, it’s too bad it had to end. Let’s hope the co-star’s split doesn’t get in the way of their on-screen chemistry. That would be the day. I am Number Four is an idea that stems from a novel which boasts a compilation of six books to follow. Should make for a pretty interesting series!

Just months ago, the couple have both said some pretty sweet things about each other publicly. Dianna admires his sweet side hidden behind his self-proclaimed bad boy image, while Alex adores her traditional, classy, elegant being. So why did they call it quits?

This definitely was not scripted. Tell us what you think about the break up of cast members Diana Agron and Alex Pettyfer in the comment box. Do you think she will move back in? Be sure to check out their super sweet photos and video clips in separate interviews below, a must see!

Dianna Agron Photo 1Alex Pettyfer Picture 2Dianna Agron Photo 3Alex Pettyfer Picture 4
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Photos: www.wenn.comAdriana M. Barraza/Brian To/Mr Blue

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3 Responses to “Dianna Agron, Alex Pettyfer Call It Quits!”

  1. 1
    EM Says:

    Most of these co-star relationships are total PR… except the ones you don’t read about. ;)

  2. 2
    Miriam Says:

    too bad

  3. 3
    sarah Says:

    Your right, this one could be all PR!