Karen Sypher: Rick Pitino’s Affair

February 18, 2011

Do you remember the super scandalous Karen Sypher? Well she is about to learn a very tough lesson…put your money where your mouth is lady! The woman who claims to have had an affair with Rick Pitino, is now going to be enjoying her new lavish lifestyle, behind bars. Find out more telling details and see photos and a video right here!

Karen Sypher

Karen Sypher, where do I begin. The woman who seemingly had it all, has now reportedly been sentenced to time in the slammer. Do the crime do the time girlfriend! Be sure to check out pictures and videos below!

As a biography, Karen Cunagin Sypher is a 50 year old woman who was once married to Louisville equipment manager Mr. Tim Sypher. Together, they have a daughter. From a previous marriage, Sypher also has four older children. The former model and sales woman may be known best as the University of Louisville’s head coach, Rick Pitino’s affair (alleged).

Today was definitely judgment day for Ms. Sypher. In an effort to become wealthy and healthy, Karen has been sentenced slapped with 87 (seven years) months in prison. How’s that for demanding? Back when this scandal first came out of the woodwork, Sypher had reportedly threatened Rick Pitino, demanding millions of dollars for their alleged affair, or she was going public! I guess her plan had totally backfired, because that’s just what the University of Louisville’s head coach did! Now with it creating a media frenzy, let the truth be told!

Yep, Karen has been charged with extortion. It is said that she tried to extort cash, cars, a house…you name it, from Rick, her money maker. And let me tell you, the judge was not having it. U.S. District Judge Charles R. Simpson III was in favor of the defendant, who was atrociously victimized and “compounded by her false statements to authorities and, ultimately, her retaliation against the victim.” In addition to his ruling, not only will she serve her time in clink, but she is also ordered to two years of supervised release once she’s out, and is to have no contact with Pitino or his family.

The judge’s final words: “It was brazen. It was driven apparently by sheer greed.”

Even though her legal team fought for her innocence, fighting for leniency in this case, Sypher swallowed her pride and thanked her legal team for their hard work and unsuccessful efforts in coming to her defense. Boo hoo.

Didn’t she get the memo? What goes around comes around. At least she’ll have plenty of time in jail to sit and think about her actions. As for Rick Pitino? Congratulations on your win, man. Next time, choose wisely. What do you think about this scandalous affair? Share with us your thoughts in the comment box and see photos and a video clip of Karen Sypher below! Court is adjourned!

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3 Responses to “Karen Sypher: Rick Pitino’s Affair”

  1. 1
    Miriam Says:

    not enough time,right?

  2. 2
    jerryseel Says:

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  3. 3
    sarah Says:

    Wow! 7 years!