Dumb Celeb Quote of the Week: Andy Cohen

February 18, 2011

As the drama unfolds for Bravo network exec Andy Cohen, he has earned his own spot on Dumb Celeb Quote of the Week. Find out more humorous details and see photos and a video right here!

Andy Cohen

And just what exactly did Andy say about drama queen Heidi Montag’s proposition to be on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Let me refresh your memory.

“That trash is delusional and I would sooner stab…knives into my own eyes than see her on this network.”

To be absolutely honest…I don’t think this is a dumb celeb quote at all. It’s foolish for the fact that Heidi actually thought she had a chance with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? I mean, who does she think she is…really? Apparently, the drama-seeking couple, as we know as Speidi, have been itching to get back on tv and believably so, they thought they could make a deal with the hit reality tv show series.

So low and behold, the spunky Spencer fired back, insisting that Cohen make a public apology to his lovely wife. Not to mention is ongoing rants and raves about how the Bravo exec should have given Heidi more respect to his wife, (and women in general) the network he works for, and its audience viewers. With that said, Pratt swears up and down that he will not be watching the Bravo network no more since the indecent exposure. Ouch, that hurts.

In an effort to take it back, Cohen did make an attempt to explain himself. Very simply, he excuses his behavior by getting a bit “carried away”. According to Andy, at the time of their proposition to be cast on the reality tv show, there had already been rumors running wild about the show and admits he may have taken it too far. Well, to each his own, everyone is entitled to speak their opinion, and quite frankly…I’m not offended!

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