John Edwards Sex Tape News, Oh No

February 16, 2011

If you thought that the John Edwards sex tape was old news or had gone away you would be wrong. Oh no it is once again making headlines and I will tell you all about it here. There are some pictures and a video for you to check out and no it is not that video sorry!

John Edwards

Everyone knows that there is a John Edwards sex tape involving the cheater and home wrecker Rielle Hunter but the latest news is that Edwards had to testify in a hearing about the XXX video! Here is the lowdown, a former loyalist of John’s who helped him cover up the affair reportedly is in possession of the footage and Rielle wants it back, along with some other crap of hers.

Hunter filed a lawsuit against Andrew Young and Edwards had to testify at that hearing. If you are looking for some juicy scandalous details about what was said stop looking because there isn’t even a little tid bit of what went down inside the court room being leaked and it won’t be. Lawyers for the former senator filed a protective order that basically prohibits anyone from spilling the beans about the testimony. Not surprising I am sure John’s people don’t want any more damage done to his image, I mean it is pretty tarnished right now.

Along the same yet separate lines Johnny boy himself could be in some serious trouble as he is still under investigation for allegations that he used funds from his presidential campaign to help fund his secret life with Rielle. ABC news is reporting that the decision to seek indictments or not should happen any day now.

John Edwards’ sex tape is in the news again thanks to Reille wanting to get it back in her hands. Please get this settled I am so sick of hearing about these two yahoos and their dirty deeds!

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Photos: Devorah/HRC/Digital Creations/Chris Connor

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