Lady Gaga: ‘Born This Way’ Tops Billboard and Sets Records!

February 18, 2011

It has been a whirlwind week for the amazing Lady Gaga. ‘Born This Way’ debuted last week and rocketed to number one on the Billboard Hot 100, and set records along the way. For more exciting news, with great photos and videos of the hot song, keep reading below.

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There has been some controversy over this song with it being somewhat similar to Madonna’s. Regardless of any of that, this song is smashing all kinds of records. There is no slowing down in sight for this young woman’s career!

For more details on the records set by Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way,’ head over to MTV. Also check out these other hot posts at some of my favorite sites!

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Now back to the Billboard Hot 100 top song. She is now officially the 1000th No. 1 song of all time and she has had the highest first week ranking of Radio Songs. Sales are doing well and interest in the song just keeps growing. She is truly on top!

Well the majority of people seem to be digging this tune, but what about you. Do you like, love or hate Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way.’ Does she deserve to be breaking all these records? Enjoy these recent pictures and the promised video then leave me your comments below.

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Photos: Nikolov, Adriana M. Barraza, DJDM, Will Alexander / Stuart Castle

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4 Responses to “Lady Gaga: ‘Born This Way’ Tops Billboard and Sets Records!”

  1. 1
    Josh Says:

    I love it! Gaga is amazing and deserves all this and a lot more. And this is just the beginning ;)

  2. 2
    Rachelle Says:

    I like her but the song is a total Madonna rip off

  3. 3
    Miriam Says:

    I agree with Rachelle no one beats Madonna!

  4. 4
    Sandy Says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more…total Madonna snitch!