Survivor: Redemption Island Premier

February 16, 2011

Season 22 of CBS’ granddaddy of Reality TV-game shows, Survivor: Redemption Island, premiered tonight. The big twist this time around is Redemption Island (RI). Those whom are voted off will get a shot at returning to ‘The Game’ by defeating others who get the boot in one-on-one duels at RI. Also, each tribe of eight new players gets a seasoned veteran of Survivor. The Zapetera Tribe, with purple buffs, has Evil Russell, and the Ometepe Tribe, with yellow buffs, has Boston Rob. Two of the most infamous connivers of Survivor history!

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‘Evil; Russell Hantz and ‘Boston’ Rob Mariano join the cast of 16 new players on ‘Survivor: Redemption Island’.

On Day One, both tribes got busy building shelters, courtesy of nice tools from Sears brand of Craftsman. Zapetera appears to be well organized and Russell pretends to be all about the tribe this time around. But it was not long before he reverted to his old trick of forming early alliances with the weakest lady around, in this case, Stephanie. The others notice them together and decide that Russell needs to get the boot as soon as possible.

Over at Ometepe Tribe, things get off on a fuzzy-wuzzy start. But very shortly, Phillip begins to get bossy during the shelter construction, rubbing everyone the wrong way. B-Rob notices Kristina poking around the toolbox and figures out that she’s looking for a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol (HI2). He promises her that he’ll keep the others away. She does find the clue and discovers the idol immediately. Nice job, Kristina!

While the rest of Ometepe go swimming with B-Rob, Phillip chats with Kristina and Francesca about booting Rob first. He tells them that he’s a former Federal agent and can quickly analyze people to determine if they are lying or not. Kristina wants B-Rob gone first and Phillip interrogates her to find out how many votes she has lined up. But since he doesn’t waterboard her, she refuses to show her hand. Phillip is successful in belittling both women with his arrogance.

It’s time for the first Immunity Challenge. Each team must first push huge, heavy blocks next to a temple. Then one player hacks away at ropes to open a staircase. Once on top of the temple, there is a block-puzzle to solve. Zapetera gets an early lead and builds upon it as Ometepe Tribe falls further behind. The Zappers complete their base first, and release the staircase, AND starts working on their puzzle before Ometepe pushes their final block. B-Rob is good at puzzles and they quickly make progress, but Evil Russell and the Zapetera Tribe win. In addition to the tribal immunity idol, Jeff Probst gives them a piece of flint to help with fire starting.

Back at camp, Ometepe Tribe goes into paranoid mode as folks jockey for position. Francesca and Kristina discuss booting Rob, but Francesca thinks Natalie would be the better choice as she is the weakest player. Meanwhile, B-Rob reconsiders his threat list. He had his eye set on getting rid of Francesca first, but now he’s concerned that Kristina may have the idol. So he rallies his swim team to split their votes between the two ladies. Kristina chats up Phillip again on booting Rob and once again he wants to know how many votes she has lined up? She tells him it doesn’t matter and shows him the idol.

At Tribal Council, Boston Rob sells out Phillip as ‘The Leader’. Francesca believes that a woman will be the first voted off tonight. Kristina agrees and thinks she’s a target. Then Phillip opens his BIG mouth and rats out Francesca and Kristina on their plot to boot B-Rob. He even pimps out Kristina for having the Hidden Immunity Idol and declares that his vote tonight will be for Francesca. Rob asks Kristina if Phillip is telling the truth? She answers that while she did talk about voting him, Boston Rob, off, she actually planned to vote for Natalie. So B-Rob attempts to cut a deal with her, give him the idol and she’s safe. Kristina turns down his ‘generous’ offer. It’s time to vote.

We see Natalie voting for Kristina, Francesca for Phillip and Boston Rob for Francesca. Once all have voted, Jeff Probst gathers the ballots and asks Kristina if she wants to play her idol, but she declines. She gets three votes against her, Phillip two and the Ometepe Tribe sends Francesca to Redemption Island. Next week, we shall see if Kristina can work her way into some new alliance and who will join Francesca on Survivor: Redemption Island!

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