Emily Yuen is Justin Verlander’s Girlfriend (Photos)

June 12, 2007

Justin Verlander pitched a no-hitter, one of the great baseball feats that a Major League Pitcher can accomplish. He would be nothing without his hot girlfriend, Emily Yuen. Her pictures are below along with a video of the no hitter. Wow!

Verlander has dated his picture perfect girlfriend, Emily Yuen, since Goochland high school in Virginia. Emily calls Verlander’s mom, Kathy, more than he does. The couple has been dating since high school, she once told a reporter, all the way through their college years at Old Dominion University.

Since Verlander’s career has taken off, they bought a condo in Lakeland, Fla., 15 minutes from the Tigers spring-training facility. They are growing accustomed to the jet-setting and the fame, but relish normalcy. The sometimes spend their free time kicking back in video arcades. Before he signed with the Tigers, Emily and Justin toured the locker room together and took in a field-level view of the ballpark.

Video after the jump.

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We haven’t viewed this video all the way through to make sure that it captures Emily Yuen jumping into Verlander’s arms after the no hitter. Let us know if the no hitter video of the last inning captures enough of the aftermath, and if not we will find that which you seek. His girlfriend is hot!

This one is a replay of every out, nicely done. But where is she?

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4 Responses to “Emily Yuen is Justin Verlander’s Girlfriend (Photos)”

  1. 1
    amberlives Says:

    We want more! Video ends with everyone at the mound.

  2. 2
    Picking Out a Winner, 6/15 « Bat Boy Bobby Savoy Says:

    […] over Tigers – Bonderman – Lost in the wake of Justin Verlander’s Tuesday no-hitter (and the subsequent discovery of his smokin’ hot ladyfriend) is the fact Detroit dropped the next two and actually lost the series.  In the meantime, Philly […]

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    Boo Says:

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