Jessica Simpson’s New York Magazine Cover Yay or Nay?: Sports WAG of the Week

February 15, 2011

Okay, have you seen Jessica Simpson’s New York Magazine cover? It is pretty hairy!! She is Right Celebrity’s Sports WAG of the Week (for the second time) so grab a beverage and stay a while! See below to know just what I’m talking about.

Jessica Simpson

The buzz is all about Jess’ hair raising cover of New York Mag, and you know what? I am liking the big, I mean BIG hairdo. Might I add that she is looking pretty dayum good. Phooey on all those haters who say she’s been airbrushed. Cut the girl some slack, will ya?!

Simpson, the fiance of former NFL player Eric Johnson, sat down with the mag to discuss all things Jessica – from her multi-million dollar fashion collection to her recent engagement to Johnson. And what about that hair raising cover I was talking about? Check it out here, come back, and discuss! That is some major wiggage, eh? Do you think it’s part of her wig, hairpiece and extensions line? Heh… I told you she looked good, sans pants too!

First, let’s talk about Jess and her taking the fashion world by storm. Her collection consists of bags, shoes, sunglasses, clothes, perfume, etc etc etc. She started out simply with a shoe collection, teaming up with Vince Camuto six years ago and bam! It took off from there. I do own a pair of her ballerina flats and a pair of her sandals — they are so cute and comfy! Reasonably priced too, which is one of the reasons why her empire is so successful. She spoke of how the ‘Jessica brand’ connects to everyone, no matter how old you are.

“I just relate to all of it. So we reach out to all ages. Like just the other day my nana asked for a pair of jeggings because we sent her a pair of boots that went up to her knee, and she was like, ‘For this I think I need a pair of jeggings.’ ”

She’s right. I’m not the only one in the family who adores her shoes. My 10-year-old loves the shoe/boot collection Jess put out aimed at the Tweens. Super cute and again, affordable! I haven’t given in to my daughter’s desire to own the ‘Kiara’ boot yet since where I live Spring is right around the corner and it’s time to bust out the sandals and flip flops. Goodbye winter!

Jess is in a much happier place right now, and her fiance Eric has much to do with that. She told the mag that she was caught off guard with his proposal to her in November, revealing that she actually had to sit on his bended knee because she was so overcome with emotion she could hardly stand. Awwww, so sweet! I truly hope that she has found ‘the one’, as we all know her love life has been the topic of many tabloids in recent years.

See more of Jessica Simpson’s New York Magazine photos here. What do you think of the cover? Yay or Nay? Enjoy the photos below as well as a related video.

Jessica Simpson Jessica Simpson Jessica Simpson Jessica Simpson Jessica Simpson

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5 Responses to “Jessica Simpson’s New York Magazine Cover Yay or Nay?: Sports WAG of the Week”

  1. 1
    Miriam Says:

    Totally Like it!!!

  2. 2
    Joan Says:

    Well, her hair sort of ruins it.. but at least with magazines you don’t have to listen to her talk!

  3. 3
    Stacy Says:

    I don’t know what all the craziness is about. I think she looks good and I’m happy for her!

  4. 4
    Sandy Says:

    Yep, you were right…that is some BIG hair! Wow!

  5. 5
    Rachelle Says:

    It is interesting to say the least.