James Bland and Vanessa Baden Hometeam Entertainment Interview

February 12, 2011

Get ready world because James Bland and Vanessa Baden are going to take Hollywood by storm with their new production company Hometeam Entertainment. Recently I interviewed James and Vanessa, these guys are not only really talented but they were fantastic to talk to as well.

Vanessa BadenJames Bland

You may not have heard of Hometeam Entertainment yet but let me tell you the owners, James Bland and Vanessa Baden, are going to put it on the map in the entertainment world. They are doing it in their own way, their own style and I have to say it is pretty cool. Hollywood needs a little something different if you ask me.

Rachelle: Tell me how Hometeam Entertainment came about?
James: Well we are from the same town in Florida. Vanessa would always call me Hometeam. During college we were both very involved in social activism. I eventually moved to LA, Vanessa followed later on and we decide to join forces about projects because we have the same forward thinking vision. Plus we see the potential in every medium. There is no limit to a certain medium in order to get our stories told. We both want to tell the story in the most fitting way and that is a big part of our company.

Rachelle: What makes Hometeam Entertainment so different?
James: We want to be in every type of genre but every project will seek to have a message. It may not necessarily be radical or a shoved down your throat type of message but each project will have a message. There is still a story and it always leaves people saying wow. I want to be diverse in a catalog of projects. I am currently working on a documentary about a non profit called Project Africa global and we have the web series FAIL so we are off a good start.

Rachelle: What projects are you currently working on?
Vanessa: We have been working on a film based on a 14 year old boy killed at a juvenile boot camp, his name was Martin Lee Anderson. There was actually a big protest regarding the case, in fact it was the largest protest in Florida history. The guards involved in the killing were acquitted. We are writing a screen play about that story but it is an important one to us so we are kind of coddling that. One of our goals is to prove that people do care about real stories and makes those kinds of stories.

Rachelle: James can you talk about how you got into directing and producing?
James: I love the arts. I used to write plays for church as a kid and then I was really involved in drama by high school. In college I worked on an independent drama series. I auditioned for student films at Florida State. I wrote a play then turned it into a short film about a cousin of mine who died of cancer. When I turned that into a feature film it solidified what I wanted to do. I realized that I really love the art of film making. Once I graduated from college I moved to Los Angeles, that was about two years ago.

Rachelle: Vanessa can you talk about how you go into acting?
Vanessa: I have been acting since age 4. I started off doing print work modeling, while doing that an agent said I should do commercials. I was an understudy on My Brother and Me and after that Nickoldeon kept calling me to work. I ended up doing TV from 2nd grade to 9th grade. I went on to be in a film called Rosewood. After I was on Kenan & Kel, which was for about four years, my parents wanted me to go to school and take time off from the business. I went to college and got involved in social activism. It really opened my eyes to things that I wouldn’t have seen if I had stayed in the entertainment business. I got a degree in sociology. I worked on a number of campaigns and as time progressed it became clear I could tell those stories. Everything has been a blessing.

Rachelle: Can you talk a little about the project FAIL you are currently working on?
Vanessa: It is a web series about a group of kids in a study group that don’t actually study. It is currently a web series that we are hoping to launch soon but we eventually want it to be on TV.

James Bland and Vanessa Baden are the owners of Hometeam Entertainment. A production company that is looking to tell diverse stories, in a real way, with a real message and they seem to be off to a good start with their web series FAIL. You can check out a video clip from the series below.

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    Sandy Says:

    What a collaboration! Coolio!

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    Joan Says:

    Nice to see someone make it from Florida.