Willie Garson White Collar Interview

February 12, 2011

I will always know and love him as Stanford Blatch from Sex and The City but these days Willie Garson is making headlines for his role on the USA hit show White Collar. I had the opportunity to speak with Willie the other day and you can read all about my interview with him below. There are some pictures and a video for you to check out as well.

Willie Garson

It was a pleasure to be a part of a Q&A session the other day with the super talented Willie Garson who currently stars as bad guy Mozzie on White Collar. I have to tell you Willie was not only very open in the interview but he is quite funny too.

The Q&A pretty much focused on Garson playing Mozzie and the show including how it felt for him to be wearing a toupee during one episode. Although Willie thought it looked absolutely ridiculous if you have seen the particular episode you know he might have looked different but it was not ridiculous at all. You can see a photo of him below in character wearing the hair piece to decide for yourself how he looks. The toupee conversation led to Willie’s thoughts on having to have a little goatee to which he revealed he has never had one before and doesn’t really understand facial hair. Willie I agree I don’t get the whole facial hair thing either, clean shaven all the way for this girl.

If you watch the show you know that the character of Mozzie was shot and whether or not he survived was supposed to be a secret. Willie let us in on just how hard it was to keep that secret, especially since pictures of him shooting scenes were popping up all over the Internet yet he still had to keep the secret. However he did admit that he is used to having to keep quiet from shooting on Sex and The City which had a very strong gag order.

According to the actor of all the fabulous characters he has played Mozzie is actually the one that is closest to him as a person. Meaning that things like Mozzie’s sense of humor and world views are pretty much the same as Garson’s. Playing this character because he can bring so much of himself is very fun and personal too since he is so much like Willie. By the way if you want to know which he likes playing better someone like him or completely different, he doesn’t have a preference because they both have benefits. Now I bet you are wondering if he has a favorite character he has played during his career? Well Henry on NYPD Blue has a special place in his heart as does Stanford from SATC. He revealed he loves playing real people like he did on an episode of Quantum Leap where he played Lee Harvey Oswald too.

Everyone knows Garson is a fantastic actor but I wanted to know a couple of other things so here is how my part of the talk with Willie went.

Q. Do you have any interest in doing any work behind the scenes in writing, or developing shows, or plays, or anything like that?
A. Yes, I do. I actually developed shows with my two partners. We developed and sold a couple of reality shows and we have some scripted stuff that we’re working on. I also am starting to explore directing, maybe in the future in the world of White Collar. That is something that is talked about all the time and because I have a personal investment in it. I think it would be a good place for me to get my feet wet directing, as we speak it is being discussed.

Q. Can you talk about any other acting projects that you have going on right now?
A. I don’t have any other acting projects right now because we’re busy making the show. I did double duty last year, shooting White Collar all day and Sex and The City 2, all night. I don’t know if I can do that again. It almost killed me and doesn’t help me serve either project to its best.

Oh what a great guy he was to talk to, I think I may have said that before.

As things began to wind down, Willie left us with some insight on how he got the role of Mozzie and what his dream role would be. He landed his latest gig by fighting for it for about months, I believe he said he went through torture for two months. As for his dream role well there is a play called The Entertainer about an old English music hall entertainer which he would love to play during his career.

I was thrilled to get the opportunity to be a part of a White Collar’s Willie Garson interview, he rocks! Enjoy the pictures and video.

Willie Garson 2Willie Garson 4Willie Garson 5Willie Garson 6

Photos: www.wenn.com/Owen Beiny/Nikki Nelson/Mr. Blue

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  1. 1
    Sandy Says:

    I’m poppin’ my collar right now! =)

  2. 2
    Joan Says:

    Nicely handled. Love the questions.

  3. 3
    Jeanette Says:

    Fantastic interview, Rachelle! I will always love him as Stanford. :)