Eliza Kruger is Mark Sanchez’s Girlfriend?

February 9, 2011

The NY Jets sure have seen their fair share of scandal off the field this year and now comes the blow that Mark Sanchez’s alleged girlfriend Eliza Kruger is only 17! Oh yes the name of the underage girl has been revealed and she is dishing on her hot new romance. Find what she is saying when you keep reading.

Mark Sanchez

I am sure you have all heard the rumors about Mark Shanchez and Eliza Kruger, his alleged 17 year old girlfriend. Well according to Deadspin.com that is actually fact not fiction and they have heard it from the horse’s mouth so to speak, Eliza herself. She has of course lawyered up but she did reveal that she and Sanchez have gone on some dates and allegedly hooked up at his house! Elzia claims the two met in a NYC club on New Years Eve.

You can read the Deadspin article in its entirety here which includes pictures that are supposedly of Mark’s place. In term of a biography, here is what we know about Eliza. She lives in Greenwich, Connecticut with her mother Marie and is a high school senior. Her parents are divorced and her father is a big wig finance guy and is apparently worth millions. That is pretty much all we know for a fact about the girl who claims she has not heard from Sanchez since the AFC championship game when the Jets lost to the Steelers but if you have any additional information please feel free to share.

Is Eliza Kruger Mark Sanchez’s Girlfriend? Well I wouldn’t call her that exactly but at the very least the two are dating or were dating I guess. Although she is under 18 in both New York and New Jersey she is of legal age which means that it was okay for her and Mark to hook up, legally anyway. I have to say it may be legal but it is still creepy.

Photos: www.wenn.com

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3 Responses to “Eliza Kruger is Mark Sanchez’s Girlfriend?”

  1. 1
    Miriam Says:

    Oh crazy!! she needs publicity hah?

  2. 2
    Jeanette Says:

    Really Mark? A 17-year-old? Come on… it may be legal but there’s seriously something wrong if you think that it’s okay….

  3. 3
    Sandy Says:

    Robbin’ the cradle are we?