Justin Bieber’s New Hair-cut 2011: Fashion Fail!

February 8, 2011

Justin Bieber’s new hair-cut (2011) at the ‘Never Say Neverpremiere red carpet photos easily fall into the category of an epic Fashion Fail. Why, you may ask? Because, the Biebs cut his iconic hair!

Justin Bieber

Yes, I just called the hair of a 16-year-old ‘iconic,’ which is why it’s so soul crushing that he showed up with a mangled version of his famous helmet-like ‘do. How dare him! Now, to make matters worse, he cut off even more for a Rascal Flatts video!

If he keeps this up, it may start to be not cool again to have your hair growing over your ears. Did you see the pics? He obviously sat and let some hair stylist butcher what used to be ‘The Bieber’ cut. Sigh.

The new shorter look caught us by surprise as he showed up to walk the red carpet of the LA premiere of ‘Never Say Never’ alongside Selena Gomez. Not only can you see both ears (yes, he apparently DOES have ears), but now you can see his perfectly manscaped eyebrows.

But this new, even shorter, gel infused look has got to go.

Grow it back out Justin, for the love of God.

Take a look at some photos of the young star at the event below. Do you like the new look, or do you agree that it is a major Fashion Fail? More on Justin Beiber’s new hair-cut (2011) visit TMZ and Zap2It.

Justin BieberJustin BieberJustin BieberSelena GomezSelena Gomez

Photos: www.wenn.com/Adriana M. Barraza

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4 Responses to “Justin Bieber’s New Hair-cut 2011: Fashion Fail!”

  1. 1
    Stacy Says:

    I think the new hair looks funny… but then again I didn’t care for the old one either!

  2. 2
    Sandy Says:

    You can’t tell me that they’re not in cahoots together! They just don’t want to admit it.

  3. 3
    Dahlia Says:

    Gosh people, he DIDN’T cut his hair, he even said so himself. He just messes it up now, he changed his hair style… GROW UP ITS NOT A BIG DEAL!

  4. 4
    Belieeeeber. Says:

    PLEASE ! let yourr hair grow xd !