Kelly Clarkson on cover of Elle Mag

June 12, 2007

Kelly Clarkson is on the cover of Elle Magazine. She’s so photoshopped there. It’s ridiculous. Why do magazines always retouch celebrities on the cover? Here the cover looks like someone cut her face and pasted it on a body… a body that doesn’t belong to Kelly… I’m sorry, I don’t want to be mean, I like Kelly Clarkson, I think she is so talented and she has a GREAT voice. My problem is with the magazine. This cover is lame… because she’s not Kelly, It’s only her face.

But is not only the cover, all the photoshoop is photoshopped. They make her body look slim, fine, but what happens with her face? She looks tired. I feel sorry for her… I’m sorry, but It looks like her face doesn’t match with her body …

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6 Responses to “Kelly Clarkson on cover of Elle Mag”

  1. 1
    hazel Says:

    She looks like she’s holding her breath!

  2. 2
    Spicy Says:

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  3. 3
    Curtis Jones Says:

    Kelly was not this then when she was 11 years old.
    I hope she’s embarrassed.

  4. 4
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  5. 5
    Ashley Says:

    Yea, they did some major work on this cover..but Curtis Jones, maybe you should be embarrassed because its spelled THIN not THEN! Stupid People…grrrr..

  6. 6
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