Max Ellington Nixon-Marinoni: Cynthia Nixon’s Son

February 8, 2011

Introducing Max Ellington Nixon-Marinoni. Actress Cynthia Nixon and her partner Christine Marinoni welcomes the birth of their new son! Find out more exciting details and see photos and a video right here!

Cynthia Nixon Son 1

The more hugs, cuddles, and kisses, the merrier! You could imagine that this little man is definitely as tiny as the babe in this photo, and that his two moms couldn’t be more proud of their baby boy. Be sure to check out pictures and videos below!

In terms of a biography, baby Max Ellington Nixon-Marinoni was welcomed into the world by his proud new mommy’s, Cynthia Nixon and Christine Marinoni. Marinoni gave birth on Monday, February 7th, 2011. This is the couple’s first child together. Nixon has two children, fourteen year old daughter Samantha, and eight year old Charles, from a previous relationship with teacher Danny Mozes.

Such exciting news for Sex And The City star Nixon, 44, and Marinoni, 43. This is Christine’s first born child and Cynthia’s third. According to a rep for the couple, “Christine and baby are doing great!”

Even though this may not be your typical family, the love that this couple shares is beyond question. Let’s just say that Cynthia Nixon’s son is sure to be one lucky boy with enough love to go around! The Sex And The City star gushes about her life partner and Max’s new mom:

“Love is love. I think that’s the important thing. There’s something real and intangible and solid about it that you can’t really dissect or analyze.”

The couple began dating back in 2004 and came out with their engagement in May of 2009. So when will these two women get hitched? Check out the video below on redefining marriage.

Yay for baby Max Ellington Nixon-Marinoni! I’m sure he’s a complete stud muffin! Congratulations are in order for the couple as they celebrate his arrival! You may leave your congrats and best wishes in the comment box and be sure to check out photos!

Cynthia Nixon Son Photo 1
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    Stacy Says:

    I wonder if they will feature him in anything for “Sex and the City”?? I bet he’s adorable!