Katy Perry: Elle Magazine Photos are Picture Perfect!

February 8, 2011

She always looks fabulous but Katy Perry’s Elle magazine photos are picture perfect! Seriously though would you expect anything else from the gorgeous Katy, I didn’t think so. Find how what all Perry is dishing about in the March issue of the magazine as well as check out a awesome video.

Katy Perry Elle Magazine

In the latest issue of Elle Magazine the Katy Perry photos are amazing! I tell you what my friends this is one heck of an article so make sure you pick up your copy because Katy is spilling all and yes I do mean all!

You can check out some additional images of Katy here thanks to our friends at Elle. In terms of what to expect from the article, I don’t want to give too much away but wow! Perry talks about life before she became a world phenomenon, what it is like to be married to Russell Brand and if kids are in their future. Plus and this is my personal favorite part her thoughts on her career now, they just might surprise you, it did me.

Fans who want to get to know the real California Gurls singer are not going to want to miss out on finding out some delish details about her. Perry is anything but shy and that holds true with this interview, which I have to say is one of the things I like about her. The girl tells it like it is and does not apologize for it.

It is clear I am a fan of Katy Perry and I think her photos in the new issue of Elle magazine are picture perfect. Those are of course just my thoughts on the subject. I as always want to know what you think so go get yourself a copy and share your thoughts with me.

Katy Perry Elle Magazine Photo

Photos Courtesy of Elle Magazine

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4 Responses to “Katy Perry: Elle Magazine Photos are Picture Perfect!”

  1. 1
    Joan Says:

    She manages to fly sort of under the radar.. at first she was drowned out by Lady Gaga’s amazingness, now she has a chance to shine.

  2. 2
    Stacy Says:

    I have grown to love her! She bugged me at first, but I really appreciate her always being true to herself. And I can never get her songs out of my head!

  3. 3
    Jeanette Says:

    Same here Stacy…currently on the brain is Firework, more so since Lea Michele covered it on Glee.

  4. 4
    Sandy Says:

    She’s so cool! I love her!