Manuela Arcuri in a Swimsuit

June 12, 2007

Hot Italian actress, model, and show girl Manuela Arcuri was interviewed at Studio Aperto at the end of May. See the video of her sporting swimsuits and modeling fashionable Italian clothing.

Manuela is one of the hottest Italian models now gaining international recognition. She is ready for the summer and in perfect fashion form in a bikini swimsuit, but she will have only a week of vacation in August. Manuela Arcuri is working hard on two movies.

In the video she has started modeling the new swimsuit fashion line for the summer in Puglia (Italy).

Manuela is learning english and is becoming more confident with the language. Her dream is to become famous in the United States. We welcome that thought and invite Manuela to comment.

Here in the video at Studio Aperto.

More of Manuela Arcuri is HERE

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