Joss Stone Nude Peta Controversy

February 2, 2011

The Joss Stone nude Peta pictures are amazing but they are also causing quite the controversy. Learn more about the campaign and what it has to do with The Queen when you keep reading, plus there is an awesome video of the singer for you to check out too.

Joss Stone

If you haven’t seen Joss Stone’s nude Peta campaign photos let me just tell you they are awesome and might be one of my favorite of their kind. One thing is for sure it is probably one of the most controversial ad campaigns the company has done as it involves bears being killed in order to make hats for The Queen’s guards. I told you there is going to be drama.

You can check out the fabulous picture here and yes the lovely singer does look fantastic in them. Stone, who is currently taking a year off from music to focus her time and effort into the campaign is completely naked except for a teddy bear to cover her. The caption reads “Bears suffer and die for The Queen’s Guards’ caps. Support the campaign to end this cruelty.” Along with the amazing pics that are circulating Joss is also calling on the U.K.’s Ministry of Defense to approve new Stella McCartney faux-bearskin cap, which is not only less expensive but won’t harm any innocent cute bears.

I for one applaud Joss Stone and her nude Peta campaign to help stop the slaughtering of bears. Yes it is bound to cause some serious controversy. It does after all involve The Queen’s Guards’ caps, which is not going to be good publicly but to heck with that. Joss is taking a stand showing the world in her naked photos that bears should be cuddled not killed. It is one heck of a campaign in my book let me know your thoughts on it.

Joss Stone 2Joss Stone 3Joss Stone 4Joss Stone 5Joss Stone 6

Photos: M. Leal/Daniel Deme/Lia Toby

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One Response to “Joss Stone Nude Peta Controversy”

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    Sandy Says:

    Good for her! Joss Stone is cool, calm, and collected, it’s good to see her step out of her comfort zone!