Eva Longoria’s Boyfriend: Penelope Cruz’s Sister, Eduardo Cruz

February 6, 2011

His sister is Penelope Cruz and now Eduardo Cruz is rumored to be Eva Longoria’s boyfriend, yes the younger Cruz is certainly making headlines these days. You can find out more about him as well as learn if there is anything going on between hunky Eduardo, you can see pictures of him below and Eva.

Eduardo Cruz

It is a fact that Eduardo Cruz’s sister is Penelope Cruz but he is also Eva Longoria’s boyfriend? The two have been linked for a couple of months now and until yesterday they seemed to be keeping the relationship under wraps. However new photos have emerged of Cruz and Longoria spending time together aboard a fancy Yacht this weekend and sources are claiming the couple was very cozy. Even though there has not been any comment from Eva or Eduardo’s rep the two are certainly spending a lot of time together lately.

So what do we know about the younger brother of Penelope, other than he is fine? He is a pop singer as well as an actor and he is 25 years old which makes him 10 years younger than his famous sibling. That my friends is pretty much all we know about Eduardo but I am willing to bet the more time he spends with a certain Desperate Housewives star that we will begin to learn more about him.

Penelope Cruz’s brother, Eduardo Cruz, is reportedly the new boyfriend of Eva Longoria. I know it is a rumor you have heard a lot lately which leads me to believe there has to be some truth to it, right. Overnight visits, dinners, frolicking on a Yacht, yeah there is so something more than friendship happening between these two and Eva deserves to be happy after what went down with her cheating ex. Those are my thoughts on the topic let me know what you think?

Eduardo Cruz PhotoEduardo Cruz 3

Photos: www.wenn.com

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2 Responses to “Eva Longoria’s Boyfriend: Penelope Cruz’s Sister, Eduardo Cruz”

  1. 1
    Miriam Says:

    In Your face Parker!

  2. 2
    Sandy Says:

    Eva Longoria—you go girl! You deserve a nice man! So long Parker!