Chelsea Clinton Divorce Rumors

February 2, 2011

It certainly didn’t take long for the Chelsea Clinton divorce rumors to start and boy are they in full force right now. Find out if there is any truth to them and what all of a sudden sparked this speculation that Chelsea and Marc are splitting.

Chelsea Clinton

Thanks to the news that her husband Marc Mezvinsky quit his job and moved to Jackson Hole to ski for three months rumors of divorce plague Chelsea Clinton. That plus Clinton will remain in New York because she is working on her public policy graduate degree have people wondering if the the couple isn’t hiding something, like they are breaking up.

This rather strange news comes barely six months after Chelsea and Marc’s lavish wedding. Although Chelsea is reportedly flying out to see her ski bum hubby every couple of weeks the behavior is very odd considering they are newlyweds.

I have to say even though the whole situation is very bizarre it does not necessarily mean the two are dunzo. It could very well be that Marc is finding himself, or having one last hurrah before perhaps they expand their family, or he is a selfish jerk, any of those are possible reasons for them living apart. However I will say his actions don’t really seem like that of a happily married man so either Chelsea is one heck of an understanding wife or there is trouble in paradise.

At this time there does not seem to be any information to support all these Chelsea Clinton divorce rumors that are flying around and no explanation has been given for them living apart. I don’t care what they say, something seems off and if my hubby did what Marc is doing I don’t think I would be too happy about, that is just me though. So what you think are Chelsea and Marc headed for break up? Be sure to check out pictures and a video of the duo below.

Chelsea Clinton 2Chelsea Clinton 3Chelsea Clinton 4

Photos: Devorah/Hugh Dillon

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9 Responses to “Chelsea Clinton Divorce Rumors”

  1. 1
    B24 Says:

    Pure speculation about nothing.

  2. 2
    pedro Says:

    Un judio y una cristiana: Final fatal.

  3. 3
    AB2011 Says:

    How did he stay with that dog face so long ?

  4. 4
    Rae Says:

    They lived together for years prior to their marriage. It’s not like this is about somebody who just started living with someone after getting married and deciding they don’t like it.


  5. 5
    Sandy Says:

    Da da dun!

  6. 6
    joe Says:

    Uh Rae — check the statistics out there. In general (and I realize that is a generalization, so Marc and Chelsea could be different) people who live together before marriage tend to get divorced at somewhere between two to five times the frequency of those who don’t.

  7. 7
    articwarrior Says:

    He just looking at marriage to her as a money thing. Besides he is interested in Monica Lewinsky who was at the resort as well

  8. 8
    Fred Pimp Says:

    like mother like daughter I smells lesbo here

  9. 9
    joe Says:

    Chelsea married her father.