Carrie Underwood Pregnant? Sports WAG of the Week

January 31, 2011

Hmmmm, is Carrie Underwood pregnant? That is the rumor that’s currently circulating right now. Does she have a little puck in the oven? The wife of Ottawa Senators hockey player Mike Fisher is Right Celebrity’s Sports WAG of the Week. Hey! Be sure to check out our pictures here!

Carrie Underwood

After the American Idol winner and her hockey stud wed last July, headlines seem to pop up every couple months that read, ‘Carrie Underwood Pregnant’, but those claims are always shot down by the country superstar and this time is no different.

So how did this little tittle-tattle surface this time? You can thank none other than tabloid Star Magazine, who ran a story titled ‘Carrie & Mike Great Expectations’. The story went on to allegedly reveal (from an ‘insider’) that Carrie just found out she was two months pregnant and reportedly due in August. The mag added, “And come the summer, they’ll have plenty of time for the August due date since the NHL finals end in June and she has only three performances scheduled.”

Underwood’s rep spoke to our friends over at Gossip Cop and simply said, ‘she is not pregnant’.

Star Mag should probably take a course in Hockey 101 as the Toronto Sun points out, “Mike Fisher’s season will be finished long before June.” Touché!

So once again, there’s no truth that Carrie is expecting, and how many more times will the girl have to endure that never ending question if she is or not.

Just last month she told US Mag:

“Everybody, like, is on this baby bandwagon, I don’t know what the deal is. But I would really like to figure out what it’s like to be married first, and I know he would too.”

So come on people, let’s give her a break. Is Carrie Underwood pregnant? No, no, no. When she is, I’m sure we’ll all get the obligatory official statement from the country star herself.

Check out the stunning pics of Carrie below as well as an interview (video) she did with a radio station last month dispelling the preggers rumor once again.

Carrie Underwood Carrie Underwood Carrie Underwood Carrie Underwood

Photos: Nelson /, STS/

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4 Responses to “Carrie Underwood Pregnant? Sports WAG of the Week”

  1. 1
    drh Says:

    This is crazy
    She said she is not pregnant..
    The media is
    just making fools of their stories
    something should be
    done about
    the pararazzi.
    When is all this nonssense
    going to stop. ??
    I think they
    are both feed
    up with the

  2. 2
    Sarah Says:

    I think everyone just wants it to be true b/c they know it’s going to be the cutest baby ever. But I’m glad they are waiting. I hate that when ppl. get married the first question they are asked is “When are you going to have kids?” Ppl. need to enjoy the company of each other first after marriage.

  3. 3
    Jeanette Says:

    I agree Sarah…some just want to enjoy each other’s company and get used to being married before having kids. Sheesh people! They will have beautiful babies, for sure!

  4. 4
    Rachelle Says:

    They just got married let them enjoy married life!