Katie Hopkins is a Naughty Apprentice

June 11, 2007

Meet Katie Hopkins, a controversial contestant on the BBC’s version of “The Apprentice”. Katie was caught making love in a corn field with a co-worker named Mark Cross (photos below), after which she was fired from her real job as a well-paid marketing consultant for “Met Office” in the UK.

Ms. Hopkins boasted on camera about affairs with three married men, said she was a perfect 10 in bed, and literally put the sex into sexy on the hit television show. However she quit the Apprentice program suddenly so now she is out of both jobs. The season finale will come down to Kristina Grimes and Simon Ambrose. May the best man or woman win, and may all the best men stay away from Katie.

The pictures of Katie Hopkins and Mark Cross making love along with others are below the jump. Her biography is included as well.

Meanwhile here is a video interview of England’s bad girl of the week with a sneaky reporter.

Biography: Katie became notable on the program for her derisive comments toward other contestants. These include calling Naomi Lay a dog, and expressing overt class issues with fellow contestant Adam Hosker’s North England background.

Hopkins also expressed contempt for fellow contestant Kristina Grimes who was considered her rival whilst on the show. She mocked the choice of clothes and fondness of fake tan of her fellow candidate and compared her to a Limpet. Katie also accused her of trying to turn The Apprentice into “The Kristina Show”. Other insults used include calling Kristina a “wench with a forked tongue”.

Her insults, however, were not limited to her fellow contestants Hopkins also mocked viewers of TV shopping channels, maternity leave, fat people and those with the names Mavis and Derek.

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