Cady McClain Interview

January 29, 2011

She is an actress, artist and musician but it isn’t just her talents that make Cady McClain an amazing woman it is Cady herself. I know this because I had the pleasure of interviewing her the other day. Find out what Cady and I chatted about which includes some fabulous photos and a must see video.

Cady McClain

Many of you know her as Dixie from All My Children or Rosanna from As The World Turns but did you know that Cady McClain is also a very talented singer? Well she is and she just released a brand new CD that is a live recording from her performance at the legendary Club Passim in Harvard Square.

Q. What can you tell me about the CD CLUB PASSIM?
A. It was recorded live at Club Passim, hence the name of the CD back in 2008. It was a special gig because it is a memorable folk club. It now has a music school but remains the hub of the folk music scene. When you perform there they record it for you. After it was done I thought that was one of the best gigs I ever played and I should put it out. I don’t get to perform live a lot except in the NYC area which doesn’t leave my fans out side of that area much of chance to see me. I thought I could put this out and they would get it hear what it was like when I perform live. Fans can download the CD at

Q. Where do you get the inspiration for your songs?
A. All over the place. A lot of it comes from long walks. I will be walking around and then just start humming. It sort of just comes to you. It is kind of like an apple that falls from the tree. You decide if you want to pick it up or not that is how music is too.

Q. How did you get involved in music?
A. There was always music in my house, a piano, harp, clarinets, drums all sorts of instruments were around. My mom played folk music and she just loved it. I started playing guitar at 15 and then in my early 20’s I began writing music. While I was working on AMC I wanted to have my own voice and when you are an actor you’re speaking in the writers voice. My music was a way for me to have my own voice

Q. Any upcoming live performances our readers should know about?
A. Not right now because the CD is so special I don’t want to take anything away from it. I will be recording a new album with new music and once that is done I will start performing again. I hope to start recording soon.

Q. You have many accomplishments as an artist, author and musician, how is it that you got involved in the entertainment world?
A. I was compelled by poverty at a young age which kind of propelled me to work. I started doing some acting as child in order to make some money. I spent so many years acting, which I loved but I felt the need to explore what I might be other than what I had been doing as a job. The arts became a great way to explore who I might be. Each part of the arts whether it be poetry, or music, or art is a completely different experience. I discovered I have a passion for all forms of the arts. I love them all and my passion for each depends on what I need that day. They are each truly an outlet for me.

Q. You are very well known for your roles on AMC and ATWT any thoughts about returning to daytime television?
A. If it was a fun gig yes. When it is fun it is such an enjoyable and entertaining job to have. It would have to be the right fit for me.

Q. Is there a dream project whether it be acting, or with you music or as an artist that you would like to work on?
A. I would love to do a play in England, to be at Stratford would be amazing. I also think it would be great if someone redid the Twilight Zone series. I was just a fan of that if a remake of that ever came about I would want to be involved with it in some way. I have done a little bit of producing and directing and wouldn’t be opposed to doing more of that.

Q. Can you talk about any upcoming projects you have going on?
A. I have a big new project and it is a book. It is a book of intentional fiction if you will. Some parts of it are very true and then there are some parts that had to be changed to protect certain people and things. It is really a story about growing up and well growing up too fast which is why I have titled it Murdering My Youth. That is kind of my focus now and I am very excited about it.

I was more than thrilled to have the opportunity to interview Cady McClain. I am a huge fan of hers and she was a complete joy to talk to. I immediately went and downloaded her new CD. It is truly amazing and I highly recommend you checking it out for yourself.

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Photos: Eddy/Nikki Nelson/Joseph Marzullo

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  1. 1
    Stacy Says:

    I would love to see her in a play, great voice!

  2. 2
    Sandy Says:

    Great interview Rachelle!