Jake Byrd is Paris Hilton’s Biggest Fan (Videos)

June 11, 2007

Here are the funny videos of “Jake Byrd” who is a character on the Jimmy Kimmel Live television show.

He has been following the Paris Hilton story for over a month, gathering “free Paris” petition signatures, interrupting news conferences, and protesting her incarceration in jail. All in good fun, of course, as part of a comedy schtick.

Jake Byrd on Jimmy Kimmel (Video)

See much more of Jake Byrd over at the fabulous Debbie Schlussel’s website.

“An occasional actor on the Jimmy Kimmel show, Anthony “Tony” Barbieri does a periodic piece, in which he plays a fictional character Jake Byrd, and insinuates himself into real life events around the country. Often he fools those at the event, and even the media, into believing he’s a part of the story. Most often he portrays himself as an overly enthusiastic protester about something or as a fan of somebody (or something) famous (like Paris Hilton).”

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One Response to “Jake Byrd is Paris Hilton’s Biggest Fan (Videos)”

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    Adeline and Hazel Says:

    Jake Byrd Covers Paris Hilton…

    Did you see Jake Byrd at the live press conferences during the recent national obsession over the arrest of Paris Hilton? I remember that Shep Smith got irritated at him during the news conference. HAHAHAHA
    The video is of Jake’s appearance o…